Essay on Importance of Change

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Importance of Change

It is important to note that change is stressful, and, therefore, whether good or bad it often adds tension to any office. The introduction of new technology often changes the way the staff at an organization can be able to access information as well as manage information. It is critical to understand that indeed success when it comes to using technology tools is often driven by user attitude (Drucker, 1995). Therefore, it is important to note that indeed the users who want to reach out, and the people that feel informed as well as involved are often committed to both timeliness as well as quality. Therefore, to introduce new technology there is a need to prepare the employees of the company, there is a need to keep it the technology simple (Grogger & Karoly, 2005).

This is because the employees are often scared of change and, therefore, it is important to make it easy it for persons to change the status quo (Drucker, 1995). The employees should be well educated about the new technology, and there is a need for training for them to understand the equipment. Lastly, there is a need to make sure that the project is on track, and this should be done to make sure that the employees are in synch with the new technology.
Resistance to change can be described as a natural reaction to change. Change is often uncomfortable, and it often requires new ways of thinking as well as doing (Kotter, 1996). The first thing is to make sure that change is rational, and this depends on how big change and how many people the change will affect. Therefore, there is a need to ensure that all employees understand the situation and thinking that exists behind the idea. Further, there is a need to ensure that employees are a part of the system of change and that they are actively involved.


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