Chicago Referenced Paper

The Chicago Manual of Style comprises of two documentation styles namely the Notes-Bibliography System mainly used in arts, history and literature, and the Author-Date System used in social sciences. Both systems are highly similar with slight formatting differences. They employ the use of footnotes and endnotes in citations with a bibliographic page at the end to cite used sources. The end of each page has footnotes while endnotes are mostly placed at the end of the document. The ends of sentences with specific citations have superscript numbers that correspond to the bibliographic information of the source. Chicago style papers consist of;

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1-inch margins and no greater than 1.5 on all sides.
Times New Roman or Palatino with a preferred font size of 12pt. And no less than 10pt.
Double spaced text except for block quotations, captions, and table titles that should be single spaced.
Page numbers are included in headers of the first text page.

Chicago style papers have very complex formatting specifications that need to be followed. The Title page has a detailed format, followed by the main body and the reference page that consist of the bibliography. To have your paper correctly written following all the Chicago style specifications, visit where there is excellent ability in formatting academic papers. Students who lack time and experience in formatting Chicago style papers can greatly benefit from our website.

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Essay On Global Warming

Global warming is the gradual increase in the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere, oceans and surface due to the occurrence of the greenhouse effect. Continuous emission of gases such as carbon (IV) oxide, methane and fluorinated gases has caused a tremendous change in the composition of the gases in the atmosphere leading to climate change.

Essay On Jihad and Terrorism

The terms, Islam, Jihad and terrorism have been used to relate to each other in modern society especially the use of Jihad and terrorism as synonyms. Contrary to this notion Jihad and terrorism are two different concepts and do not interrelate at any given point. It is important for Non-Muslims to understand that terrorism is the complete opposite of Jihad and is not recognized nor accepted in Islam religion. Jihad in Islam is a struggle towards the path of Allah and is under guidance of the Qur’an.

Essay On Global Deviance

Domestic violence often involves any incident of threatening behavior, abuse or violence be it psychological, financial, emotional or sexual that occurs between adults who are or have been in the past been intimate partners and family members. It comes regardless of the gender or the sexuality. Whatever form it takes, it is critical to understand that domestic violence is a rarely a one off incident and in many cases it should instead be seen as a pattern of abusive as well as controlling behavior through which the abuser can be able to seek power over the victim. In most instances, the abuse can begin at any time. Domestic abuse often occurs across society, gender, race, sexuality, geography and age.

Essay On Asian Americans Bibliography

Asian people can be defined as the people who generally descend from portions of the population of the continent of Asia. These people may or may not show customs and languages that belong to Asia. American people, on the other hand, can be defined as the people who originate from the United States and who are inhabitants of the United States. Asian Americans, however, is a term that is used to refer to Americans who are of Asian descent, chiefly East Asia.