Persuasive Essay Writing

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Essay On Case Study on Accounting Firms

Consultancy and accounting services are essential in any form of business regardless of its scope or nature. As long as the business deals with monetary transactions, it requires accurate and up to date account records to ensure sustainability. The case study on a major scandal involving the Enron Corporation presents significant aspects that revolve around the accounting profession. The case study dates back to September 2001, but it is still very significant in analyzing accounting agencies today. The case study has details on the issues that affect strategic planning in any organization and particularly businesses that are based on the provision of accounting and consultancy services.

Essay On managerial Accounting

Managerial Accounting can be defined as can be defined as the field of study that is found within accounting that is devoted to the information needed by a company's management. Managerial accounting usually covers several topics. Some of these topics include cost behavior, budgeting, product costing for the company's manufacturers, the quantities needed for decision-making, capital budgeting and transfer pricing (Geense, 2015).

Essay on Marketing & Promotion

The first promotion can be found at This is a website primarily dealing with the sale of cosmetics. The website owned by Purity Cosmetics Inc., a company that is rapidly growing in the cosmetics industry. One of the company’s flagship brands is known as 100% Pure which created products being marketed in the referenced promotion. Some of the products include creams, deodorants and lipsticks, which are all 100% natural according to the company. The promotion promises free gifts that include Acai Berry Face and Eye Creams for all customers who make orders that exceed $130. On the same webpage, the company promises to ship all orders for free so long as they exceed $50 purchase bulk. For purposes of efficiency, the site allows for one to create an account which will enable users or buyers to place an order and pay for the goods through a secure online system.

Essay On Quality and a Safe Environment

Healthcare services should be patient centered. This is in order to improve the effectiveness of healthcare practices with respect to core ethical values. The mostly accepted levels of patient-centered healthcare include respect, communication, information and physical comfort. Further, care coordination, access to healthcare and involvement of caretakers and family are also vital in patient-centered healthcare.

Essay On Case Study Nicholas

Nicholas, is a 74 year old man who lives in his own home in Enoggera as an immigrant from Greece, and worked as a semi-skilled worker all his life. However, he misses his wife Maria, who died of cancer 15 years ago after a very long and difficult struggle. He had three children with his wife; two daughters and a son. Katherine is the eldest daughter, she is married and lives with her husband around the corner from Nicholas. She is currently making an effort to visit his father on a daily basis. His younger daughter, Anna, and his youngest son both live interstate. Of this two, it’s only Anna that he has visited and has contact through phone calls. His two older brothers live in Sunnybank and Cleveland respectively. Occasionally, he takes a taxi to visit his brother who lives in Sunnybank.

Essay On Diversity

Diversity is extremely important in the field of the forensic psychologist. This is because there are times when involuntary therapy might be needed, and this attracts different types of people with diverse cultures (American Psychological Association, 2002). Therefore, it is important for a forensic psychologist to understand that there is a need to be sensitive to the culture of the individual.