Computer Science Research Paper

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Essay On Social Media

Communication technologies have often sought relevance in an increasingly noisy and crowded communications universe. The recent upsurge in social media has completely changed the way people communicate. Some of the most notable social sites that have grown exponentially include MySpace, Facebook, Twitter and Google Hangout.

Essay On Added Security Features

There has been rapid advancement in intelligent physiological sensors as well as wireless communication technology, which has the potential to improve the quality of life significantly by allowing children as well as elderly to be monitored as well as being treated continuously as well as remotely. There are often small, and tiny medical sensor nodes that are implanted inside, and they are worn on the human body as well as the small portable device that are held by the patient.

Essay On the Remote Authentication Protocol

There has been an increase in demand in regards to the provision of expert level medical diagnosis as well as treatment remotely which has attracted a wide interest in the wireless body networks (WBANs). (WBANs) have been instrumental in ensuring that indeed there are vital parameters of aging population and patients with chronic diseases.
In most instances, the WBAN often consists of wearable as well as implanted bio-medical sensors as well as several important portable personal devices. The WBAN in this situation is often used to monitor the health and motion information of people that have different degrees of physical as well as mental disabilities, while the PPD is often employed in order to ensure that there are reliable message delivery between the applications providers and sensors as a physician, medical staff, and the hospital.
It is critical to note that indeed there are several key applications that range from remote health monitoring as well as military fitness that can be able to provide intra-body communication. This often happens between the PPD and WBAN sensors

Essay On Smart Card Oriented Remote User Authentication Protocol

Information technology has progressed in a rapid manner, in this light there have been lots of distributed applications that have come up as a result of this growth. Firstly, there has been the e-commerce, banks, airline reservation systems that have both been developed and deployed into the internet. Therefore, it is natural that with this sensitive system all over the internet, security concerns will arise. To ensure that security is improved, there is a need for an improved robust as well as efficient authenticated key agreement protocol that is designed to support the different applications. The researchers propose a protocol that is designed to improve as well as enhance the security of Yeh et al. scheme. To do this efficiently, they first go about reviewing and analyzing Yeh et al. scheme and then they go ahead to propose their scheme.

Essay On Trade Unions

Back in the 19th century, trade unions were needed since they played an important role in the industrial sector of our country. They did so by negotiating better pay, work hours, benefits and safety standards for all workers (Martin, 1980). In doing so, both the employees as well as the employers benefited from trade unions. However, it is important to note that times have changed and this is no longer the case, therefore putting the need for trade unions in question. In the current situation, the employer is enlightened in regards to the labor laws in the country and makes efforts not to break them. In addition to this, the modern day employer knows how to motivate his employee and actively does so every day. Therefore, trade unions have a very small role to play in this situation since they in fact frustrate actions that are aimed at increasing productivity. Trade unions oppose benefits and rewards and become an obstacle in the increase of investment (Hartcourt & Wood, 2006). This paper will show the in the modern labor sector employers are making efforts to be more ethical, protect the rights of shareholders, as well as motivate their employees to work harder and be more productive. As such the strict practices of the trade unions have been deemed unnecessary.

Essay on Mobile Devices & Cyber Security

The innovation in the modern society has affected the way we communicate and fundamentally influenced the business world (Business wire, 2012). It has reached a point of no return since dependence on these technologies and the critical support provided by the same has led to effective interaction and easy access to voluminous data from private and public clouds (Collins, 2013). Benefits such as e-commerce, revenue streams and social media companies would not be in existence without appropriate infrastructure (Drew, 2012). The ubiquitous technology has its downside. The vicious problem experienced by mobility is the vulnerability to cyber-attacks. These attacks compromise the security of most companies and are designed to siphon cash from companies, create interruptions in corporate world or access data of high sensitivity. This is a literature review that seeks to understand the impacts of evolving technologies such as mobile devices on cybersecurity and the strategies that may help in defending against the varied nature of cyber warfare weapons (Kaplan, Sharma & Weinberg, 2011).