Essay on Importance of Freedom

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Importance of Freedom

Peterson: I have come to believe that indeed freedom is extremely important in our society. Freedom is more important than the law. In fact, I can argue that indeed laws are useless without freedom. For example, John, image that you did not have freedom at all and you had no way to obtain it. Without freedom, anybody can use you for anything; therefore, in such a case the law is useless to you. The law exists to sustain freedom, the protected which is freedom is more important than the protector that is the law.

John: Although freedom is important the law is needed, and this is because we live in the world that is crazy, and people should be punished for the crimes that they commit. It is critical to understand that with the law there are currently people that are doing offensive things so if there was no law the universe would be in chaos. Freedom does not play a part and, in fact, there are sometimes that freedom might be subdued for the greater good to be achieved. For example, security within the state is an example of where freedom might be decreased for the greater good to be achieved

Peterson: The nation can be described as being fictive, and naturally there are no nations that exist. There are families and local communities, but the concept of the nation is made up, and nothing and especially an aspect that is important such as freedom can be sacrificed for something that does not exist. Every person in the United States is free and, therefore, national security by claiming that they are important that liberty that is a basic right is absurd. This, therefore, means that we as a people are slaves, and they are the drivers.

John: I beg to disagree with you Peterson, security is way more important. It is critical to note that since 9/11 the U.S has been particularly paranoid of terrorist attacks. Therefore, because of this situation, the national security can access everything that we do. The Constitution of the United States has the right to promote the general welfare of its citizens. Therefore, it is important to understand that indeed the word privacy is never stated in the constitution, and, therefore, this technically means that it is not a fundamental right. For example, the bombers allegedly used the internet to research how to be able to create explosives. If the government had viewed their profiles and saw the suspicious activity, precious lives would have been saved. Therefore, maybe 260 persons would not have been injured and others permanently disabled. Therefore, there is no reason to trade something precious as life for the freedom of privacy.

Peterson: I believe that freedom of speech is important and a basic right, but, however, there should be limitations to the freedom. For example, when it comes to religious insensitivity, there is a need to observe caution. The drawings of the Prophet Muhammad have caused worldwide uproar amongst Muslims, and I think that indeed the freedom of expression and religious sensitivities are not in any mutually exclusive. In fact, most of the problems that are associated with freedom of speech can be solved if people showed respect and used common sense. It is easily possible to disagree with a person’s preference of religion without being necessary insulting and nasty.

John: Freedom of expression is extremely crucial. It is important to understand that indeed freedom of expression is one of the few important few freedoms, and it has to be guarded carefully. In fact, there is no need to allow the sensitivities of one group to be allowed to control what people can say. There are of course some people that can say vile as well as cruel things; however, this should be dealt with tolerance as well as social disapproved. However, the freedom of expression should never be moderated by one group. This is because with time, it will be moderated by another and then another, and soon there will be a lot of limitations on what can be said. The freedom of speech is in fact included in the Universal Declaration of human rights, and I can go as far as to say that it is one of the most important rights of the declaration.

Peterson: Do not get me wrong, freedom is important, and there is a need to respect all freedoms. However, in the same breadth, there is a need to make sure that the freedoms are checked for the society to have normal functioning. This is because excessive of anything is bad.

John. Thousands of people have died over the centuries to attain the freedom that we now enjoy. The different freedoms should be respected and should be enjoyed with delight. Curtailing of the freedom should not occur if there is no substantive reason to do so such as jail. However, there are other fictitious reasons that should be laughed at and disregarded with the contempt that they deserve.


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