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Log in your eye

List of Characters
Martin-The mayor
Denzel- A friend to the mayor, a criminal
Daisy-Wife to the Martin
Police Officer
Log in your eye

(In the background lies a big mansion adorning expensive furniture with a big portrait of an exotic painting in the back. There sits two men in the middle of the living room facing each other, they seem to be in deep conversation)

Martin: It has been almost twenty years, what have you been doing with your life since I last saw you. (Looking directly at the eyes of Denzel)
Denzel: Well, I have been up and about working different odd jobs; I see that life has been very gracious with you. (He says looking at the big exotic painting in the back of the room)I promised you that in twenty years I will look for you and here I am friend. You were an easy man to find everybody in the locality knows you.

Martin: Well, when your are the mayor of a small town it is extremely difficult for people not to know you. I have earned an honest living among the people of this town, overseeing development projects and ensuring that indeed everything goes on according to the way it should. It has been a daunting task but I have managed to keep my head up and ensure that almost everybody in the town receives the services they deserve.

(Enters Daisy, a beautiful young lady, she walks elegantly and goes ahead to sit on a seat next to Martin. She looks at Denzel, and then looks away)
Daisy: Martin, Can I speak to you in the lobby please?

Martin: (looking rather confused) Sure, I will be in a minute (He stands up and follows Daisy who has already stood up into the lobby)
Daisy: I have seen that person somewhere; I think it was in one of the dailies. Let me confirm that for you. (She ruffles up some cabinets in the lobby and gets a newspaper that seems rather outdated) Here, I knew it.

(Martin looks at the newspaper in disbelief, his mouth is open and he is fixed to the ground)
Martin: Call the police and act as if everything is normal. (He returns to the sitting room trying to walk confidently)
Martin: Women and their personal issues, otherwise, where were we? Twenty years it has been you have really changed a lot. I see you have even spotted several white hairs on your head. Age must be catching up with you.

Denzel: Well, friend, life has not been grateful to me as it has for you. I have been through hardships but I have always kept my faith. It was not until last week when I looked at the dailies that I realized that it was almost twenty years since we last promised to see each other again. I had to look for you. I have seen you and am proud of you in a big way.
(In the lobby)

Daisy: Yes, He is here, let me come and open it. (Daisy goes to the door and it; a uniformed police officer enters the house and immediately cuffs Denzel)
Martin: It is unfortunate that after twenty years all you did was to swindle persons their hard earned cash. Unfortunately for you today, your criminal days are over. Despite being my friend, I have a duty to this town and their people and for that you have to be arrested.

Denzel: (Shocked and obviously in pain because of the handcuffs) is it not the same thing you do, however, you are fortunate enough to hide behind the public's offices. You live in a glamorous house but yet the people of this town linger in poverty. We are in the same boat it is just that you are too proud to see it. Leaders should be servants not masters of their followers.

Styan, J. L. (2008). Modern drama in theory and practice. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.