Essay on Moral Relativism v. Moral absolutism

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Moral Relativism v. Moral absolutism

Dan: I have come to believe that despite the situation, there are actions that are right or wrong. There are no two ways about it and, therefore, it is important for one not to try and pin situation for the situation. Society has over the years been grappled with the fear that a situation might make something that is right when it is wrong. It is important to understand that indeed morals are inherent in some fundamentals sources such as nature and God.
Tom: I tend to disagree with you Dan; I believe that the situation is the most important and, in fact, moral relativism is the way to understand morals. It will be completely ignorant to state that morals are inherent in us; this is because they are not. There have been different cultures that have existed and each of them often has a standpoint that is uniquely different than others. Therefore, it would be difficult for all the different societies to look at the situation in the same manner. That is the reason as to why there are behaviors that are considered to be deviant in one society but in another they are perfectly normal.

Dan: It is important to understand the society has evolved and the modern human rights theory can be described as form absolutism and this is because they are often based on the nature of humanity as well as the essence of human nature. It is important to understand that indeed many religions have remained stable because of the morally absolutist positions that they hold, and their systems are set by God. They, therefore, have a moral system that is absolute, unchangeable and perfect. For example, it is important to note that indeed under religious moral absolutist beliefs, homosexual behavior is considered by many persons as being fundamentally wrong, and eve when it comes to a committed monogamous relationship. It is critical to understand that indeed most people that make claims often ignore the changing views of the communities that they live in.

Tom: I do believe that indeed in modern times, the espousal of moral relativism is closely linked with the theory of evolution. The argument that is given is that indeed humanity has been able to evolve from lesser to greater biological organisms, and the same process is often in play when it comes to ethics and morals. In the 15th century, the use of swords was widely used. However, this has changed in the 21st century with modern war equipment, and it would seem morally wrong to cut down someone’s head. Therefore, the thing that can be ascertained at present is that indeed there is absolutely no fixed and certainty when it comes to the area of morality.

Dan: I think that moral relativists often have a problem when it comes to accepting the logical conclusion that causes consternation. An example of this knowledge in action can be seen thoroughly in the 2007-2008 meltdowns that occurred in the American financial as well as banking industry. The persons that taught relative morality in their philosophy and ethic business college proceeded to live the teachings in Wall Street and taking risks and not representing the truth properly. The outcome was devastating for the persons on the receiving end of their relative morality. Therefore, I do believe that indeed the people that believed in relative morality were outraged by the persons that had engaged in the deceptive business practices. Most of them argued that indeed they ought to be punished for the unethical moral behavior. However, this type of reaction can be said to speak loudly to an already important truth: moral relativists often have a dim view of moral relativism when it negatively affects them.

Tom: I think that for moral absolutism to be right there is a need to understand that the morals should have a source where they come from. Therefore, for moral to be truly absolute, it is critical to for them to have a universally unquestioned source. However, the interpretation and the authority can only be described as the impossibility. Further, there is the sheer and more obvious criticism in regards to sheer diversity of moral opinions that exists between societies. Therefore, the world today shows that indeed there cannot be a single true morality.

Dan: I believe that indeed the problem with moral relativism is that they do not have a good answer to the two-part question. The first question is whether anything wrong with an action and so why? This question appeals to the relative whims of the society and it is important to understand that indeed personal preferences do not provide any satisfying answers. For one to have a response that is substantiated the person should have an unchanging standard that he can turn to, as well as the absolute authority by which the moral obligation can be defended. It is important to understand that indeed without these, ethics and morals often become just emotionally based preferences.


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