Essay on Union Representation

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Union Representation

The organization should be concerned if the supervisors speak in favor or against union representation. This is because if they speak in favor of union representation it is possible that the thought might have emancipated from the fact that the working conditions in the organization are not as they should be, and the management should do something about the situation (Getman, 2012). If the supervisors are speaking against the union, then it means that the company might be doing well on its own.

The primary advantage when it comes to union representation is the fact that it offers employees solidarity when it comes to dealing with their employer. Union membership is important as it gives employees the legal right to influence the direction of their union by participating in the internal governance (Levine, 1975). Unions put greater economic pressure on the employer to agree to the demands of the employees.

There is a need for the organization to make sure that the supervisors understand that they indeed represent the company when it comes to the union organizing campaign. The supervisors should make sure that they also fight for the rights of the employer and balance it with the right of the employees. Before a union organizing campaign, there is a need for the supervisors to understand their roles and responsibilities (Levine, 1975). They should be able to ensure that they represent the company in the best faith and that the organization is seen to be part and parcel of the Union. The union is extremely important to the employees and therefore, the organization should make it a priority to send the necessary resources in order to ensure that the company is held in good faith by the Union and the public.


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