Essay On Role of Prophets

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A prophet, from a religious perspective can be described as person through whom the lord used or rather uses so as to communicate his message concerning future events to the other people. A prophet from a traditional point of view can be said to be an individual that is contacted by divine or non-natural persons usually spirits. The major or the main purpose of the “prophet” in this case is to act as an intermediary between the two worlds which are the human physical world- the earth and the spiritual world. The spirits in this case use the prophet for the purpose of letting the other humans know of knowledge that can be said to be newly found. The message conveyed by the prophet is called a “prophecy”.

The roles of the prophets according to religion may range in the following fields; warn, direct the people and their actions, intercede, teach, counsel and rebuke. A prophet as seen the bible and its equals can carry out a variety of roles. All these roles that a prophet undertakes are as a result of the expression of the word of the lord. One of the things that is persistent in the biblical prophets is that the prophecies are intertwined with prayers.

One of the roles of the prophets is to receive the word of the lord. This is one of the things that a prophet has to do. This is due to the fact that the lord is sovereign in the sense he is not dependent on humans but we are dependent on him and on passing on his message, he conveys it through the prophets through whom the role of receiving the message of the lord turns automatically to be a role. It is through their closeness with the lord that these prophecies are able to receive the instructions from the lord.

Another role of the prophets is suffering. This is due to the fact that some of messages that the lord conveys to the people through the prophets are not what the people want to hear. This makes them angry and they decide to make the prophet suffer on the basis that he is saying words that do not wish the people well. This is as a result of the reactions of the people regarding the message being given to them by the prophets. Prophets in the bible are faced by these instances where the people react against them leading them to torture and suffering.

Another role of the prophets as seen in (1 Corinthians 14:3,4) of the bible is that another role of the prophets is to encourage the people or their brothers and sisters in times when they are in need of it. This helps guide the people and make them stay focused. Encouragement is a key role of the prophets as they appeared at times where the people were faced up by challenging times.

The main role of the prophets as can be said in all cases is the fact that they all foretold the future. This future that they foretold was something that was revealed to them in a variety of ways that include visions and signs. The reason that the lord gave these future revelations was to try and change the ways of the people in to more “godly” ways.

As a conclusion we see that the prophets are people that are used by the lord so as to convey messages to them in a variety of ways. Other role apart from the mentioned ones include; directing and guiding the people, correction of the ways of the people, admonition and interpreting signs. These roles of prophets made them remain as part of the most respected people in the society.