Essay On Asian Americans Bibliography

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Asian Americans

Asian people can be defined as the people who generally descend from portions of the population of the continent of Asia. These people may or may not show customs and languages that belong to Asia. American people, on the other hand, can be defined as the people who originate from the United States and who are inhabitants of the United States. Asian Americans, however, is a term that is used to refer to Americans who are of Asian descent, chiefly East Asia.

Asian Americans
Centre, P. R. (2015, May 29). Social and Demographic Trends: The Rise of Asian Americans. Retrieved from

Asian Americans as compared to other racial groups in the United States are high-income, fast-growing and the best-educated. They are also usually more satisfied with their lifestyles and have greater values in life such as in marriages, career and parenthood. The Asian Americans view America as a land of opportunities and consequently work hard and usually achieve successful results in most of their work. However, the Asian Americans usually feel different from the typical Americans. Also, these Asian Americans usually have a strong emphasis on issues related to families as compared to the typical Americans who are prone to family break-ups and marriage break-ups.

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Americans are usually very different from the Asian Americans especially in terms of their social lifestyles. These social lifestyles usually take various categories. However, it is very difficult to come by a typical American because the United States is inhabited by many immigrants such as the whose lifestyles have impacted majorly on the lifestyles of the typical Americans. However, the Americans still show certain behaviours such as partying on the weekends, valuing privacy, making racist comments, discipline, emphasis on legalities, casual dress codes and behaviours that impress other countries.

Native Americans

Illinois, M. L. (2015, May 30). What Do You Know About the Native American History?

A Native American can be defined as a member of any of the indigenous peoples of the Americas. Native Americans are particular the Americans who originated or occurred naturally in America. They are also at times referred to as typical Americans.

The Native Americans are believed to have moved from Siberia about 11,000 years ago to the North of America. They are believed to have passed through the Bering Land Bridge, which existed during the ice age. Several years later there were other migrations especially from Asia and South America. The Native Americans lived in peace until the 15th century when the European invaded the country bringing horses, which consequently brought diseases to Native Americans. Since they had no immunity to some diseases such as measles and chicken box many them were wiped out, and the population reduced majorly. The Native Americans ended up living on Indian reservations. The symbol of the Native Americans is however still being used on various occasions and in major events such as in sports and entertainment. (2015, May 30). Native Americans.

The Native Americans were particularly identified by certain behaviors, but these behaviors have been changing over time and with the introduction of new cultural groups in the country such as the Asian. The Native Americans were not to be hunters and the men rode on horses. In their hunting activities, they used bows and arrows and the animal they hunted most was the bison. The women of the Native Americans were on the other hand gatherers and also farmers. They cultivated corn beans and squash so as to earn a living. The Native American families also lived in tepees especially those who lived in the Great Plains such as the Indian Americans.