Essay On Difference Btwn Male/Female Management Styles

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Difference between male and female management styles

Management has different aspects. Depending on the personality, there are different management skills that a manager employs. The manager is the person that determines the direction to which any organization will head. In this connection, poor management will undoubtedly lead to failure in any of the undertakings of an organization. On the other side of the coin, good management will ensure the success of an enterprise in most of its undertakings. In definition, management is the act of bringing people together and harmonizing them so that they can work as one unit with the ultimate goal of achieving the set objectives.

People, who manage things, are called managers. One can be considered to be a manager if only they are able to make all organs of an institution run smoothly without hiccups. For a long time, there has been a tussle or say competition between the male managers and the female manger. The scuffle is not yet settled and thus the victor among them is yet to be known. In generally there is a common believe that men are excellent managers as compare to the women in the various management styles.

Managers must be in control of all operation that they have under their responsibility. An excellent manager is one who command respect from the juniors and in the process ensures, that all the work they have planned is done to the best standards always. Managers are those that are able to be flexible in their style of work. According to Armstrong, a manager should be able to communicate to employees and make sure that the work is done in the most appropriate way. The ability of a manager to be flexible is essential in helping to deal with people. This is because different people have different personalities, and thus they cannot be handled in the same manner (Armstrong, 2011).

On the ground of flexibility, it is the opinion of the majority of the people that women are more flexible and adaptable to different situations, as compared to the male counterparts. The flexibility of the women hence gives them a score over the men in the management capacity. The only problem with women being flexible is that in more cases than not, they are driven by emotion. At times, this emotion makes them lose their target as they sympathies with people. On the other side, men are somehow rigid. Their rigidity makes the men stamp their authority and thus, no one will dare break it. In some jobs being so flexible can lead to failure and hence men out do women in such an occasion.

Many of the management jobs from time immemorial were reserved for men, with modernization; women have fought for their rights and are offered the opportunity to contest in all sectors for the job against the men. To the amazement of many, women have in some areas been seen to perform better than the men. The notion that the woman should remain at home and take care of the family has been erased. It is as if the women are applying their skills in home affairs management, in the work place hence outdoing the men.

In present day, women have left their house and come out in the open to challenge the men in jobs that were previously dominated by men. In one case or the other, they have shown considerable improvement in their managerial skills and even set examples to reckon with for many generations to come. Another factor that makes women better manager over the men as proposed by many people is their ability to multitask. The women have the ability to put in balance many things at one time, as opposed to men who only deals with one thing at a time. This is an indication which also has been proven that women are capable of absorbing more pressure in the work place than men can take.

As much as there have been so much advocacies, that women are better managers than men, some research has proven that, in terms of managing the finances, the men outdo the women. The men are long sighted and can plan for, sizable investments plan in the future. To the contrary, the women are more inclined to short term goals where their main aim is to get quick results. Men have been known to be patient and can hold onto a place to ensure that, much development has been realized even if it occurs at a snail’s speed. Women are more result oriented and have the element of impatient and will not hold to a place long enough to realize the success that is expected.

In a business, where sale are the determinant of their profit margins, the organizations have turned to employing women. In this case, as Skaer sees it, women have proven to be better sales manager than the men since; they are more aggressive in communication. Statistics has it that, in the present day, the number of sales manager who are women is taking the world by stomp. The reason as to why this is happening is that, women are better spoken than men. The ladies are able to lure potential customer to make purchases and also convince them to come back again, hence creating customer loyalty (Skaer, 2005).

Women are known to be soft spoken and caring. These elements have placed the women at a better place, to be accomplished educators. An outstanding example is a company in America by the name Four Season Heating and Home Solutions. In this organization, the managers have been noted not employ anybody short of a woman to be a sales manager in the firm. He attributes the success of the organization to the women sales manager employees, who have boosted the organizations sales up by an unusually high margin. This is a clear indication that with women in place, the business is more likely to be good and hence the essence to give women the credit of being better managers than the men. In the exact word the manager of FSHHCS he says, “Our women consultants are so professional, so energetic, so well trained, and, do much better job.” This is enough evidence that, in the field of sales and marketing, the women have outdone the men (Skaer, 2005).

Women have proven to be highly dynamic. They can adapt to any situation with remarkably little time. In general, every person finds difficulty in changing from one job to the other. This inability to adapt to the new changes is where the women outdo the men. Women settle down tremendously first and within a short time business goes on as normal. The men on the other side are a bit rigid and will find it difficult to change from one job to another without hitches. Just the same way they find it difficult to change, they equally take an elongated duration to get versed with the new environment and settle. According to Skaer, women have more energy and style in comparison to the men (Skaer, 2005).

In terms of the organization, women are more orderly and organize by far as compared to men. They are also proficient in following the instruction of a given activity thus ensuring that everything is going on as planned. On the ground of analysis, women are better than men. As much as men have dominated the industry for long, the women have proven to be just as brilliant as the men. As a result of the way the women have been brought up since they were small kids, their mothers have instilled a keen element of being exceptionally keen.

In the big scandals that have happened in the world, extremely few women have been implicated. This is an indication that women are less corrupt than the men. When a woman is in control, it has been suggested that there is going to be no under the table deals. This can be tied to the fact that women want to maintain decency and excellent work. In checking these two parameters, they will not allow people to do deals that will soil their selfless work (Hannaway, 1995).

The success of any organization heavily depend on the how the employees are handled. Employees are the resources of any organization, when they are not mistreated, they perform poorly and in the end the results is usually negative. The men have shown negative attitude towards the employees, as opposed to the women who are motherly and caring. The care that women are born with makes them treat their workers with politeness that ensures the employees feel satisfied (Hannaway, 1995). The women also have generous hearts; thus they make their employees happy by giving them motivation and incentives. When the workers are motivated, they work hard and hence the work results are positive and progressive.

Having integrity is truly essential in any leader. Women do grant jobs on merits and do not ask anything in exchange. Men have been noted repeatedly to give out in exchange of something. When one is asking for employment, the men will look more on what they as a person will benefit other than the merit of the individual. Women treat everyone equally, and there is no baseness in many of the organization where the manager is a woman. The respect that the men command, in organizations in most cases, is as a result of fear the employees have towards them. On the other hand, women command respect by earning it from the employees. When this respect is earned, the workers will work not for fear of their boss, but to the advantage of the organization and hence, profit will be realized in the long run (Hannaway, 1995).

Hard work is the key to success. When a lot of effort have been put in any activity, the result will for sure be good. Very hard working people are able to meet their goals within the stipulated time. Managers’ work on tight schedules thus planning of the day to day activity is essential. As it has been not above, women are better planners than men. In this connection, they women will be able to have the work layout in a way that will best suit the objective.

Since all managerial position is objectives oriented, the ladies will hence have an upper hand since they are more focused and organized than the men. Some people say that women are soft hearted and will waive their authority. This has been disapproved where in the present day women have risen to the ranks, and in some countries, they hold the top job which was unusual in the past.
Good managers, a part from managing the resources including the man power, should be in a position to listen to others carefully. As Armstrong suggest, no man is an island, again no man knows all. In this case, consultation is a key element for any manager. In consultation, one gets the views of other people and hence when executing what they have learned will be an informed decision. Act without consultation may lead to failure (Armstrong, 2011).

Women are known to seek information from other people thus they are free in involving other in consultation, unlike the men. Statistics have it that the men in most case s are so proud to consult. This is attributed to the fact that they think that they all know. This makes the difference between men and women leadership. If the managers are to be judged on the grounds of consultation which leads to success, then women will take away the victory.

Leadership skills differ from one person to the other. Some people employ autocratic leadership skills while others employ the democratic form of leadership. Women, very rarely employ the autocratic form of leadership. Both the leadership’s style has their upsides as well as the down sides. Autocratic leaders beat their chest and take decisions without any consultation. These leaders do not like to be challenged and hence their decision is final.

This can be detrimental in the fight towards the success. Most of the male leaders envy this form of leadership skill, while the woman opts for the democratic leadership. Democracy ensures that the majorities have their way. This form of leadership encourages constructive consultation and will foresee any form of, problem in the way thus control it before it strikes. The choice of the leadership skill hence places the women at a better place of being successful managers as compared to their men counterparts (Daft, 2010).

Communication is vital in the management of many organizations. Women are more open minded and can communicate well than the men. For example if there is a problem in the management, the women will ask for assistance and advice before making any moves on the contrary the men do keep their problems in the heart and will not consult. This difference is common in all organization. Men keep quiet with issues for a long time before letting it out. The women, airs the issues out to close friends then to other people, which is significant at times in helping solve the problems that there is in time (Ellis, 2004).

In conclusion, men and women differ in the form of managerial skills. Both sides have the advantage over the other side. This notwithstanding, each person has their best sides too. This can then be used to say that, there are women who can perform better than \men in some fields and again there reverse is also true. Hence there is no clear cut point on who can be better managers than whom. This can only be possible in comparing two managers on the same level who perform the same work.


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