Essay On How Quality Controls Health Care Economics

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Variation in health care practices today.

Variation in health care practices refers to the different ways in which health services are being carried out. Different people with the same health conditions and complications end up receiving different health attention. The difference can be accounted for by many varying factors such as the places they seek medical care, the professionals that attend to them and level of infrastructural development. Variation in health practices can either be expected variation or unwarranted variation.

Expected variation in health care practices is where the different degree rendered is caused by clearly explainable factors. These factors may involve aspects such as different in health status, patience preference or varying population needs (O'Hare, 2010). Health care provision is dependent on the patience medical conditions and thus different conditions call for different attention. Patience at times may have preference for different medical utilization. These variations are responsible for expected variation in health care practices.

Unwarranted health practice variation refers to that difference in health attention that cannot be explained by the difference in patience health conditions or the patience preference. This variation is caused by different quality of health care rendered to different population. The difference can be caused by disparities in health resource provision to different populations either manpower, mechanical or medical supply. Unwarranted health care practices are thus unfair rendering of medical services to the populations.

Variation in health care today is still a concern in health sector. Despite the continued efforts by various stakeholders to have it slashed out. Expected variation in health care practices is positive health practice (O'Hare, 2010). Unwarranted health practices however are unethical and they should be stopped. Health care practices are daily changing for a better though this is also being followed up by unwarranted variation.

Implications for quality

Quality in health care refers to discharging health care services in a professional based manner and in accordance to the stipulated regulations. It also involves cost effective means of practicing health services. Resources ought to be used in a maximization approach. Quality also incorporates the distribution of health services. Quality involves the overall use of medical resources.
The main focus of quality is to keep practices that are god and health and working on improving areas that have been noted to have weaknesses. A quality health practice is responsibility everyone is charged with. Everyone should make sure that he uses the medical resources at his disposal properly. Underuse or overuse of medical services will directly impact negatively on the sort after quality. The medical practitioners however have the leading role in ensuring this quality as they go about their job.

the professionals that attend to them and level of infrastructural development. Variation in health practices can either be expected variation or unwarranted variation.
Misuse of health services is negative contributor to quality health services. Different medical remedies are prescribed for different medical situations. A use of this prescription other than the intended purpose results in misuse of the service and this compromise on quality. This leads one endangering one’s life and may at times lead to loosing of life.

Medical professionals should ensure due care when discharging their medical duties. Errors on the course of a medical profession may have adverse effect on the health or even life of a patient. The code of conduct and acquired knowledge should be properly used to discharge all duties. A quality service by a health practitioner will ensure that a patient is given a good chance to a quick recovery.
Implication for quality in health care is a very important factor. Quality is the main determinant of the success of a health service one receives. Quality assurance is the responsibility f every stakeholder in the health sector.

Statistical tools for quality improvement.

Quality improvement refers to the continual upgrade of the level of efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery. A statistical tool is an apparatus used for collection of data, analyzing data and presentation of the resultant information. Statistical tool for quality improvement refers to the statistical apparatus that are used to collect the relevant data, analyze the data and present the resulting information.
Quality improvement in health care will involve making changes in the systems that will yield a positive outcome. To ascertain whether these changes will have the desired results a statistical survey needs to be carried out. The targeted parameters are identified. Once identification has been done the wanted change is quantified.

Data collection is essential aspect of a statistical exercise seeking quality improvement. Data is collected from the predetermined parameters for example measuring weight of patients. The data is correctly recorded against each of the parameters appropriately. Entry sheets should be made for this exercise. Once the data has been collected it should be subjected to the appropriate mathematical operations for analysis. Data analysis is done to acquire information from the collected information.

Information acquired from analysis of data should be presented for reading and interpretation. Information can be presented in form of graphs or charts. These graphs and charts show numbers and trends over time. Information is the end product of a statistical process. The information is interpreted and used to formulate the so desired policies that will see an improvement in quality.
Statistical tools for quality improvement are a set of scientific mechanisms to produce a guide on the desired path to quality improvement. These tools if applied accurately will help in assuring quality improvement.

Patient safety and medical errors

Patient safety is an emerging discipline that concerns itself with reporting and prevention of medical errors. Medical errors are avoidable human mistakes caused by negligence that endangers the health of a patient. Mistakes at times occur and they need to be reported and their frequency monitored so as to try minimizing these instances of occurrence.

Patient safety is an important part of all medical environments. A patient is of the main concern in any medical undertaking and thus his safety should be ensured. Its starts with proper diagnosis all medical procedures to the point where the patient gets well. The handling of the patient should be done with uttermost professionalism and due care. Surgical operations are not the only practices that require safety but all other involvements with a patient.

Medical errors have become a part of health care. They are preventable mistakes but they still happen. These mistakes are as result of negligence and at times unprofessionalism in discharging ones duties. The cost of these errors is very high and at times may even cost a patient his life .Regulations have been set and a daily being reviewed with and aim of minimizing their chances of occurrence at all times. Medical errors are so bad and should be eliminated.

The aspect of patient safety and medical error are interconnected. Patient safety is an initiative aimed the reducing the chances of occurrence of medical errors. It’s the role of every stakeholder in the health care sector to exercise due care and professionalism so as to prevent medical errors.

Information technology and its implication for health care quality

Information technology is an aspect that is quickly getting integrated into every sector. The use of computers and custom made applications is revolutionalizing many sectors including health care. Information technology is becoming an important part of health care. It has boosted quality and opened many avenues of solving previously impossible complications.

Information technology has greatly facilitated quality provision of health care. Diagnosis of many diseases has been made possible and ease thanks to computers. With the use of computer guided and monitored machines it has become possible to clearly know which ailment one is suffering from. Scanners and x-ray machines have enabled even the study of internal organs and bones without needing an operation.

Health records have become ease to store process and retrieve with the use of computers. In these present days patients’ records, experiment records and laboratory records have become ease to keep and even access. This has greatly helped to improve quality in provision of health care.

The efficiency, speed and effectiveness of using information technology in health care sector have helped costs. Computers have lead to massive efficiencies that have greatly cut unnecessary costs and redirected the funds to more urgent fields thus improving quality. Some medical procedures have even become possible to be carried out from many miles away thus cost saving
Information technology is continually becoming a big contributor to quality health care. it has made great contributions which have taken health care to a far much better levels.


O'Hare, A. M. (2010). Regional variation in health care intensity and treatment practices. online.