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India has been in recent years been considered as a prime country for outsourcing labor by most international companies because of its lower wages. Further, this might also be because of the cultural characteristics of Indians which can be said to favor most industries as there are long working hours with decreased wages as compared to most developed countries (Kobayashi-Hillary, 2005, p.56). The present generation believes that indeed it is fair to be paid as per performance; there is no justification for non-performance. In initial years, there has been a drastic change in business and technology as well as the manner in which organizations manage their different compensations (Thompson, 2000, p.113). In fact, employees cannot relax on their office chairs without doing anything and expect that they are going to be paid. The world is easily becoming more information technology driven and, therefore, paper performance as well as merit systems, is currently of reduced significance. In fact, only clearly evident efforts that contribute to the organization's growth can be rewarded.

Employers around the world are often focused on attracting, retaining as well as motivating key talent. However, because of the complexities that are offered by varied cultures and global economies, this often means that many employers are sometimes struggling with the different details. “Organizations in the country of India have been striving to be able to align performance with pay in an attempt to make the employees more accountable for their contribution to the company’s growth” (Kobayashi-Hillary, 2005, p.64). Further, it has been noted that indeed losses that are misaligned can cause irreparable damage. Indian companies have been trying to link performances to pay as a norm; where the salary packages have variable components as well as bonuses that often directly link the employees with their general performance.

Being an Oriental classical civilization, India has a history of over 5000 years. It has a culture that is extensive, profound as well as mysterious. The Indian economy has made immeasurable contributions to the world progress and civilization. It has distinct characteristics and personalities that have made the academia today excited as well as confused. “In India, when decisions about company policies are taken, employees are often given the chance to voice their opinion” (Thompson, 2000, p.80). Therefore, unless the matter is confidential, there is a need to discuss the matter with the employees. Justified actions while aligning the pay to performance such as team performance, client dealing, service quality must be taken into consideration to effectively to rule out biases and favoritism.
Therefore, India has been able to adopt pay per performance. U.S companies that have outsourced in India can be able to use effectively the model of pay for performance to pay Indian employees (Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, 2004, p.78).


In conclusion, the advantages of pay for performance is often seen in India as a fair deal because it often has the power to motivate and encourage employees to perform their best. The pay for performance gives a clear way to evaluate employee performance, and it catalyzes an organization into a result driven one. It is critical to understand that indeed standards are set straight in organizations where employee’s performance plays a pivotal role in the results that they receive. For this reason, the employees are often self-motivated to reach their goals.


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