Essay On Self Motivation

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Self Motivation

Business leaders and managers on virtually every level agree that there is a need to keep the work environment motivated as well as productive. It is critical to understand that indeed what drives one person might be different from what drives another. There are several people that are often motivated by the belief that their job is secure and a reassurance that their work will not become hard.

There are others that are self-motivated by the structure of the company or organization. In most instances, these persons often thrive in environments that have clear as well as rigid rules. For others, it is the opportunity that exists to impress others and in return to receive praise as well as validation (Broder, 2013). These people primary motivator is the fact that they are going to gain recognition and approval from other persons. There are others that are self-motivated by wanting to make sure that they earn the salary and the perks that are available to them.

There are those that are intrinsically motivated, and they are most satisfied with doing and being challenged in something that they love and feel passionate about. They often see their work as a calling and their work environment as a place to be creative as well as apply to their unique gifts and talents.


In conclusion I agree with the opinions and insights of the article and particularly regarding the fact that the highest level of motivation in most instances often comes from the opportunity to serve a purpose higher than oneself. For this reason, the satisfaction of bettering the lives of others motivates several employees in the workplace (Broder, 2013). This topic is important as it can help managers to know the type of motivations that exist and how their employees can be helped to be better motivated intrinsically.


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