Essay On Christian Catholic

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The Roman Catholic is one of the oldest and largest religious organizations in the world. The church traces its origins to Jesus of Nazareth. Although Jesus was not the founder of the church, his twelve apostles whom he commissioned when ascending, were the spreaders of the gospel through preaching and teaching. The domination presupposes to be Christian. The Catholics like the Evangelical believe in incarnation, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The doctrine is based on the truth behind God’s revelation. Many critics of the religion argue that the doctrine adds its own biblical truth. For instance, the bible affirms the worship of The Holy Trinity, while the doctrine includes the divine adoration of Virgin Mary. This is by asking the Virgin Mary to pray for the sinners. This paper is an in depth analysis of Christian Catholic as a discourse.

The Catholic Christians possess a specific language which is used for address in various contexts. There is, however, a challenge in determining a specific linguistic usage in different denominations for instance among the Catholics and Evangelicals. There are some similarities in language, which is used in various Christian denominations. There are specific terms, which are used in Roman Catholic, which are not indispensable. Some of these terms include; prayer, redemption, and salvation. Other terms in this discourse are practical and include; church, parish, bishop, father, pope and chalice. In most cases, these terms are borrowed from other languages such as Latin and Greek. The language used by Catholics is bound to changes depending on the people, time and location. The Catholic faith is, however, steadfast. The language used serves the purpose of manifesting this faith. The language use in the catholic faith is common in most of the practices performed by the doctrine. Some of the devotions include, Eucharistic, Marian, Benediction, Rosary, Angelus and Forty hours of adoration. For instance in the Marian devotion, one will hear the Catholics use the words ‘Hail, full of Grace’. The language context used in Catholicism is common in the devotions.

There are various forms of worship and practices that are distinct to the Catholics. Like aforementioned, the practices fall under two categories; those that are Eucharistic in nature and those which belong to Marian category. The former is divided into Benediction and Forty Hours of Adoration while the latter includes; Rosary and Angelus. There are other practices which of independent in nature such as Genuflections, Holy Water and Incense. Eucharistic devotions can be traced back when Israelites were in the desert. The emphasis has changed over the ages. Some of the practices have been maintained even to modern day. For example, a priest visits a sick person and gives them the Holy Communion to bless them. Forty Hours periods of exposition are spread in most Parishes for a time span of three days.

Others have an exposition on an hourly basis for the week. Different aspects of Eucharist receive emphasis more than the other. Shekinah has replaced Manna in the modern time. Over the last few years, the church has encouraged the Blessed Sacrament followed by sessions of prayers. The Way of the Cross (Via Crucis) is depicted on the carvings and pictures on the walls of Catholic Churches showing the last hours of Jesus Christ the moment he was condemned to death by Pilate. Marian Devotions concern the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Rosary originated from Latin Rosarium, which means bouquet. The purpose of The Rosary is to assist the faithful to meditate and pray reflectively. The other Marian Devotion is Angelus, which is derived from the Latin ‘Angelus Domini nuntiavit Maria’ which is translated to what the Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary. Catholics practice indulgence which include; confession, prayer for the pope and Holy Communion.

Catholic faith values the Dignity of each and every person despite the class or background. It forms the basis of hope to the hopeless. Catholics believe in the value of forgiveness to the people who committed sin in the past. This forms the basis of confession as a practice to the priest. They believe in remission of all temporal sin. They also believe that God represent the center of love. They believe at freedom of mankind. God not only created us in his own image but also gave us the free will. They believe that the more one is separated from God’s love the likelihood of indulging into sin. Catholics also believe in the salvation from Jesus Christ, his death on the crucifix and the forgiveness of sins. The ultimate goal in Catholic faith is salvation. The salvation is only attained by loving, worshipping and serving the Lord. Catholics also believe in catechism in which Catholic faith is taught. Catholics believe that there is mortal and venial sin.

They believe that the origin of sin began with the fall of man. They believe in Pentecost which is the season after Eastern when the Holy Spirit descended. Catholics have a common believe on the emerging issues such as abortion and use of condoms. On the former, they disagree since it erodes human dignity while the latter, they believe that sex should be done only within the circles of marriage. They believe in the calling of the Lord for the Christian work i.e. vocation.

Catholic Communication Campaign is a network that connects all the Catholics. Catholic media dates back to early times of St. Francis DeSlaes who is regarded as the patron of Catholic Press. The modern era has opened a door for social media platform. Evangelization has been made possible via social media. The Church recognizes the moral responsibility of using the media for common good. The denomination has recognized the use of media in the spread of the gospel. Catholic Canon law places communication to the Bishop. He is charged with the responsibility of communicating to the faithful. Apart from using the social media for communication, the Catholic Faithful use meetings especially at the local level. Communication can also be done through the word of mouth. Technology has been used to supplement the conventional means of communication.

Catholics take an accommodationist approach to various issues. Talking of the word catholicity beyond the breaking point, some accept many things even those which are incompatible with Faith. Conservative Catholics have salient features that distinguish them from the modern era Catholics. They treasure the holy medals such as the cross; they also light up candles while praying and Hail Mary in a dire situation. Most Catholics profess the Apostle Creed that is not common with other doctrines except those that were born out of Catholic Church. Catholics also believe that the Pope is the head of the church on earth. Catholic faith is distinct in many aspects in the practices and Christian lifestyle.