Essay On Critical Thinking

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Critical Thinking

Define the problem in the scenario that you have chosen

The problem, in this case, is whether to choose one job offering over another. There is a dilemma that exists in that one employment option is available at the moment, and it is guaranteed. It pays well, and it is going to increase my fortunes. However, all the supervisors that are in the company that that is offering the new job all have master’s degree and therefore in order to go up the employment food chain, there will be a need to get the right amount of education. This means more money, and the fact that the company does not have tuition reimbursement makes it more expensive.

However, in the current company that I have worked for more than eleven years, there is a chance of promotion, and when I continue with my education in later years, the tuition will be reimbursed. There is also the issue of value, in the current company, I am seen as a valuable person given that I have been able to work with the company for more than eleven years. Therefore, the problem that currently exists is which company to pick for employment. This is a difficult question as both of the two companies have their pros as well as cons.
Therefore, to make the best decision, there is a need to look at the different pros separately and the cons in the same manner. It is from this position that I can, therefore, decide whether the pros of a certain company does outweigh the cons and, therefore, choose that one company.

Analyze the problem in the scenario

The problem scenario exists in that the competing company is available in another state. The start date is in two weeks, and this is during the final exam period for my courses. Therefore, the problem exists in that I might have to forfeit my exams to take the job. This is because; the two cannot be juggled as the competing company exists in another state.
However, it offers several packages that are remarkable starting from the fact that it has the job guaranteed. The other major problem with the competing company is that it does not offer tuition reimbursement; this, therefore, means that one has to save enough in order to get back to school and get a substantial education that can be able to help promotion (Cogan, 1998). This is the same case with me, in order to get my masters, which every supervisor in the company has, there will be a need to get back to school and pay the fees on my own. The current company that is working in also presents several problems.

Firstly, there is no guaranteed promotion even if I get the bachelor's degree. However, the positive thing about the company is that it does indeed value my services, and it is more or less going to ensure that I continue staying in the company comfortably. However, this is only speculation, and it is not guaranteed.

For this reason, there exists a dilemma in that I have a way out and get employment that pays well in another state or stay in the current company that is working in and try and work my way upwards. There is certainty in the company that is currently working for as compared to the competing company.

Generate options for solving the problem in the scenario

To solve this problem in an efficient and effective manner, there will be a need to draw up the pros and cons of each of the two possible companies of employment. The first pro of the company that is currently working in is that it values my services, and I have a definite future in it if I take my bachelor's degree.

Although not guaranteed, there is a high likelihood that indeed am going to rise the ranks in the organization. Secondly, the company offers tuition reimbursement which, therefore, means that am going to study for free as long as am working for the company. This decision will save me a lot of money that could have otherwise been spent paying tuition fee.
The first con of staying in the current company is that nothing is guaranteed. This is not the same case with the competing company where a lot of things are guaranteed. The competing company has several pros. Firstly, the position offers a $15,000 per year salary increase, relocation expenses as well as a car allowance. These are pros that are hard to ignore. The con is that in that company, I will hold not value as in the company that is currently in.

Further, all the supervisors in the competing company have master’s degree and, therefore, the company will expect me to earn the bachelor’s degree and continue the master’s degree. It is critical to note that this will continue with no tuition reimbursement.

Further, the largest con is that the start date of the guaranteed job in the competing company start date is in two weeks, and this is during the final exam period for my courses. Therefore, this means that indeed, I might after all miss the exams if I decide to take the start date.

Evaluate the options for solving the problem

If I do decide to take the job in the competing company, I will have to get extra expenses in the future. Further, I will also be forced to build credibility in the new company. There is also the possibility of the bachelor’s degree going to waste as a result of the start date.

This is despite the fact that all the supervisors have the masters level degree and, therefore, this means that I will be lagging behind further back than in the current company. However, on the opposite side, the job offers a good package and a yearly increment that is guaranteed in the contract. On the other hand, the current company that is working for encourages a person to get more education by creating tuition reimbursements. These are important as they will enable me to save in the future in a clear and effective manner. This is because the money that could have otherwise been used in tuition is saved.

Decide on the best option for solving the problem.

Therefore, the best solution will be to pick the current existing company. This is because in the company, am well respected and the managers have seen the struggles that their employees often have to undergo through, and this is the reason that indeed they try as much as possible to ensure that tuition money is reimbursed. Therefore, the company has more pros than cons. Further, the cons are not as weighty as those that exist in the competing company.

It is critical to understand that if I indeed decide to go to the competing company, there is a possibility that I might not even earn a bachelor's degree that can be described as being important for career advancement. The current company offers the opportunity for higher learning beyond the bachelor’s level, and it does this in a carefully structured reimbursement process (Stratton, 1999). Therefore, I do believe that the best option in solving the problem at hand is to look at the pros and the cons of the two scenarios. It is from this situation that a decision can be arrived at which is best for each and every party that is involved.

Explain how you will implement the decision made and reflect on whether this option was the most effective

To implement the decision, I will continue with my studies to ensure that I keep the bachelor’s degree under my hat. This is important as there is an understanding that indeed I will be able gets my masters degree in the future using the tuition reimbursement. Further, I will stay at the company where I have worked for eleven years and, therefore, I have been able to earn the trust of the managers as well as the employees in the company (Feldman, 2009). This is as compared to going to break new ground in a foreign company that might have different values and goals as compared to the current company that is working on.

The decision is the best in that there is more flexibility when it comes to the current company as compared to the competing company. This is because the current company understands who I am and, therefore, the chances for promotion under the current company are higher as compared to those that of the competing company.

In conclusion, critical thinking is extremely important when it comes to the different problems that exist in our day to day life. There is a need to look at these problems critically and ensure that indeed each and every facet of the problem is looked at before the decision can be made. Critical thinking helps in ensuring that the decision that is done is well informed and, for example, I go the company that is better suited for my current needs.


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