Essay On Added Security Features

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Added Security Features

There has been rapid advancement in intelligent physiological sensors as well as wireless communication technology, which has the potential to improve the quality of life significantly by allowing children as well as elderly to be monitored as well as being treated continuously as well as remotely. There are often small, and tiny medical sensor nodes that are implanted inside, and they are worn on the human body as well as the small portable device that are held by the patient.

The self-organized wireless body area network (WBANs) can be formed to monitor the health status as well as the surrounding environment of the human bodies. It is critical to understand that intra-body communications and extra body communications are two basic communication modes when it comes to WBANs, and this allows sensors to communicate effectively with each other and the SPD.

It is critical to note that despite the potential benefits, it is often more desirable to have secure WBANs that are insensitive nature of medical data that are collected through what can be described as open medium of communication and channel and the ad hoc nature of the WBANs. There are several security dimensions that must be achieved to ensure that practical communication protocols are reached.

The first issue is anonymity. There is a need to ensure that the conversations are not being eavesdropped and that there is complete anonymity of the WBAN client. It is critical to recognize that indeed the failure to protect the anonymity of the user might result into the violation of the WBAN client’s privacy, and there are at times that it might raise several legal issues.

Mutual authentication is the other sphere that needs to be looked at in a clear and lucid manner. The There is a need to ensure that there is mutual authentication to protect the user from malicious attackers who at times might extract sensitive personal health data from the target. Session key establishment can be described as another security feature that is extremely important when it comes to ensuring that indeed the security of the user is maintained and that there is an increase in the surveillance systems. Due to the delicate nature of the data that is collected by the medical sensors, the session key should always be established between the WBAN client as well as the requested AP in order to secure the subsequent communication method.

The certificate less anonymous remote authentication often seems to be an optimal candidate when it comes to the securing of WBANs and this is done by offering mutual authentication, session key agreement as well as anonymity. However, it is important to note that the issue of how to revoke a legitimate system has not been addressed effectively.
This is because under the current system it is very likely for an expired client to enjoy the services that are supposed to be paid for. Therefore, it is natural therefore, to equip the system with a remote anonymous authentication which has the revocation functionality to be able to deal with the cases where the subscription of a WBAN client expires or the security key changes.

To effectively solve the different challenges, there is the proposal of an anonymous certificate less remote authentication protocol that has in it an efficient revocation for the WBANs. The researchers propose a revocable certificate less encryption scheme against decryption key exposure as well as a revocable certificate less signature scheme that provides against signing key exposure that is also the first when it comes to literature.

Therefore, the researchers understand that by using a theoretic analysis and experimental simulations, there is the possibility of getting a proposed authentication protocol which has been proven to be secure using the random oracle model and it has been described by many as being highly practical and usable in the modern age.

The researchers in the paper are devoted to investigating the basic cryptographic primitive to meet the desired properties. It is significant to note that there are other equally important issues that exist in WBAN such as the key management when it comes to the WBANs. However, the researchers do not look at these issues as they are outside their scope.

The researchers were motivated by the practical needs to secure the extra body communication of the WBAN. Therefore, in this regard they propose an a certificate less anonymous remote authentication protocol that features efficient revocation system as well as a short-term key exposure resistance system that is based entirely on the binary tree.
It is critical to recognize that indeed the security of the proposed protocol has undergone rigorous tests to ensure that it is extremely safe to use for the users. It uses the random oracle model in order to show that indeed the security features exist. There have been different experimental results which are extensive and peer reviewed which have showed that the proposed protocol is highly practicable.


Qin, H. X. (2015). Revocable and Scalable Certificateless Remote Authentication Protocol With Anonymity for Wireless Body Area Networks. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY , 1442-1452.