Essay On Morals, ethics and Values

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Morals, ethics and Values

Morals, ethics, and values are extremely important for any society that wants to move ahead. This is the same case with forensic psychology; there is a need to implement these virtues and ensure that one goes ahead and being an honest forensic psychologist. One should always have personal ethics to guide them when making tough decisions.

Morals can be described as the rules that govern which actions are right and which ones are wrong. A moral can be for all of society or can be an example of an individual’s belief (Navran, n.d). It is critical to understand that there are times when morals have been gleaned based on a story or an experience. Ethics, on the other hand, can be described as moral principles that can govern a person or even at times a group’s behavior. Value can be described as a one’s principles and standards of behavior. It can also mean the judgment of a person regarding what is right and important in life (Singer, 1997).

Ethics, morals, and values are interrelated. In fact, to define ethics, there is a need to put the word morals. This is because ethics describes the accepted set of moral principles. They are the highest in the food chain in that they are observed by almost the whole community. Morals, on the other hand, arise from individual values of different persons in the society (Navran, n.d). They describe the badness or the goodness of an action. Lastly, values are on the individual level, and they describe the personal standards of what is valuable as well as right. There might be times when problems might arise when individual allow their personal values to interfere directly with their actions. This, therefore, brings a potential situation where their actions might be in conflict with the stated ethical standards.

Personal ethics often refer to the ethics that a person can be able to identify with in respect to both situations and people that they are able to interact and deal with in everyday life. There is a need for a forensic psychologist to have personal ethics (Navran, n.d). This is because it helps the psychologist to deal with others. How one deals with others can be described as being a facet of the personal code of ethics. This is because it helps one to make a proper decision regarding other persons. Further, a clinical psychologist can be able to draw effectively strength from his or her code of ethics when there is doubt.

Morality can be argued to be a personal as well as constantly changing ground and as a forensic psychologist there are times when one has to make decisions. It can often be difficult to choose the best way, however, it is important to understand that a code of ethics gives one confidence to believe that what they are doing is right, and this is integral in cutting down a lot of anxiety as well as stress.

In the forensic psychology profession, there are often a lot of people that have placed trust in the psychology. Therefore, with personal ethics, there is a need to act competently and use the best endeavors available to ensure that the psychologist achieves the right decision in an ethical manner. This means being honest and fair and always making sure that one works with integrity when dealing with the clients (Grolier Educational Corporation, 1999). For example, a forensic psychologist might understand that indeed a mental offender did not commit a crime because of his fault. However, he or she should make sure that they respect the law, and they give the right evidence with being biased on relying too much on one side.


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