Essay On Smart Card Oriented Remote User Authentication Protocol

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Smart Card Oriented Remote User Authentication Protocol

Information technology has progressed in a rapid manner, in this light there have been lots of distributed applications that have come up as a result of this growth. Firstly, there has been the e-commerce, banks, airline reservation systems that have both been developed and deployed into the internet. Therefore, it is natural that with this sensitive system all over the internet, security concerns will arise. To ensure that security is improved, there is a need for an improved robust as well as efficient authenticated key agreement protocol that is designed to support the different applications. The researchers propose a protocol that is designed to improve as well as enhance the security of Yeh et al. scheme. To do this efficiently, they first go about reviewing and analyzing Yeh et al. scheme and then they go ahead to propose their scheme.

The researchers found out that indeed in Yeh et al. proposed two authenticated key agreement protocols, the second protocol had in the issue regarding user anonymity. It is extremely important to realize that indeed user anonymity is a big issue in the Internet. This is because identity theft is propagated when user anonymity does not exist. Further, it is critical also to note that important data that is not intended for the public can be easily retrieved if user anonymity is not achieved in the right manner.

Therefore, the researchers propose a mutual authentication and key agreement. This system is important as it can secure against the attacks above that are susceptible to Yeh et al.’s scheme. However, it is important to note that indeed the proposed scheme by the researchers does not achieve the traceability property that can help hide the user’s identity from malicious attackers.


Chang, C. et al., (2011). A Robust and Efficient Smart Card Oriented Remote User Authentication Protocol. 2011 Seventh International Conference on Intelligent Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal Processing , 252-255.