Essay On The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

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The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House

The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House intends to ensure that different families feel at home when their child is at the hospital. The hospital settings can often be intimidating and consequently the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House in Philadelphia Children's hospital tries to create a home where the families can feel more comfortable as compared to the harsh settings that are often related to the hospital.

The Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House often provides comprehensive as well as compassionate hospitability and support to cardiac patient's families as well as support to oncology patients. The family room that exists at the Oncology center often provides a quiet retreat from the hospital settings and together with family-style dining table, guest bathroom and kitchen facilities (Siegler & Fourst, 2013). These rooms are equipped in a way that the families of the patients will be comfortable enough and they will be able to feel at home when they are still in their hospital. The room is designed in a way in which the families will feel at home and the child that is sick will also feel that indeed there is a comfortable homely environment.

The room provides a television system where the families are able to experience the same amenities that are available to them at their homes (Snook, 2004).
There have been new products in the family rooms and these include the periodical programming that takes place in the rooms. This often includes weekly evening dinner buffets by the donor guest chefs as well as local restaurants. There are also bi-monthly free haircuts as well as styling. These programs are important as they give the families the ability to spend time together and bond. This is especially imperative in the life of the sick child as he or she often feels that they still belong to the family (Siegler & Fourst, 2013). According to psychologist, doing different activities together help in the creation and betterment of relationship, consequently, by the children and family playing and having routine activities the patients can have something to expect each week.

The workers that perform their functions in the Ronald McDonald are recently being trained by the Children's hospital of Philadelphia. This therefore, means that they can be able to effectively understand the needs of the children, their fears, opportunities and wants. Most of the people that work in the institution are volunteers and consequently they are able to give their best as they know that they are the ones that have decided to return back to the society (Siegler & Fourst, 2013). The Staff has been especially renowned when it comes to the provision of support to families, they are known to comfort the families when their children are not doing fine as well as giving them advice on how to better live with their children despite the health complications that their children might possess.

These products and services will be able to meet the objective of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House which is to ensure that there is home in the hospital where the parents can be able to effectively take of their child. The family rooms that includes basic amenities like those found in homes have been improved in the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House and consequently, this has made it more of a home for the parents and the patients. It has also brought periodical programming which has made the parents and the patients to always wait for an activity that they can all do together.


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