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SWOT analysis

The SWOT analysis is important for any organization as it often shows the different aspects of the organization. It shows the organizations the strengths that it has, the weaknesses, the threats and the opportunities that exist for the organization. The SWOT analysis for a hospital is important as it shows the organization which areas it should improve and which areas it should keep on keeping on.


The bed capacity of the hospital is often extremely important in that it ensures that patients can have adequate care when they are in the institution. It is often remarkably difficult to find a rural hospital that has a bed capacity of 200 beds. Nevertheless, this is not the case with this hospital. It has been able to control a high bed capacity of around 200 beds. The hospital in the rural Mississippi is often respected because of this feature and in fact, it is often regarded to as one of the best hospitals in the area.

In terms of facilities, the hospital has an existing ultrasound department, and it is the only one in the rural area of Mississippi that has a well-functioning state of the art ultrasound department. This ultra-sound department has often been the praise of several medical practitioners in the state. The hospital has a count of an emergency department with around three trauma room, 22 rooms, five impatient towers and a labor and delivery facility. All these facilities are important as they ensure that indeed the hospital continues to work in tandem with different factions and services that it promised to the constituents. The facility has been able to recognize for several things in the terms of cardiology, neurosurgery, as well as radiation oncology. The extensive facilities have been able to give the hospital a good name and many patients often feel that they can be able to be effectively treated in the center. The comprehensive trauma rooms are known to deliver high-quality treatment, and even other large hospitals have been known to refer their patients to this hospital.

The hospital a full-scale spectrum of therapy care and this includes physical as well as occupational therapy. The hospital covers a Tri-State rural area and consequently it can be able to ensure that all the people in the locality served and treated. Therefore, the potential number of patients that the hospital deals with is extremely large.


There are several weaknesses that the organization possesses. The first major weakness is that there is only one existing ultrasound department in a rural hospital. There is a need to increase the ultrasound departments. Secondly, the hospital does not have enough sonographer and this, therefore, presents a problem when it comes to the overall treatment. Lastly, the working hours of the hospitals are not enough, and many patients have been complaining of this feature, and they might take their services in other hospitals (Sower, 2008).


There are additional hospitals in the area that have better bed capacities with more than 200 beds, and consequently, people often see these hospitals as better equipped despite the fact that they might not be able to match the facilities offered in this hospital. The working hours for the sonographer is a thing to worry about as their burnout rate is extremely fast and consequently this can be defined as a thorn in the flesh of this hospital (Shi, 2012).


The hospital has recently expanded its capacity and consequently this has led the medical corporation to bring more specialties to the area. The fact that the hospital covers three states is also a chance for the hospital to increase its coverage to a larger population. There is also a need to increase the working hours until 6 pm as this will increase the productivity of the hospital in a big way. Lastly, there is an opportunity that will come with the hospital hiring a new sonographer. The two sonographer will work more optimally as their burnout rate will be decreased substantially.

The STEEP analysis a tool that is often used to gage the external environment and the impact to the company’s strategic plan in order for it to remain competitive.

STEEP analysis

Social factors- The hospital covers a Tri-State rural area and consequently it offers basic social amenities of health to people of three states. It is of the importance to note that most of these centers do not have a medical facility close by. Therefore, the hospital can capitalize on this and makes itself the prime health care stopover for all the communities in the Tri-State area.

Technology factors- The hospital has been able to itself equip itself as a modern hospital, it has three trauma rooms, labor and delivery facility as well as an existent ultrasound department. These technologies are important as they ensure that the hospital can effectively to deal with the different health complexities that might arise. Therefore, it makes it a hospital of choice for many because of this technological advancement.

Economic factors- The increase in exams that have been performed as well as the increased demand in the region shows that indeed the persons have decided to put their health first despite the economic costs (Goonan & American Society for Quality, 2009). The economic situation in Mississippi can consequently be said that indeed it is positive and that people have disposable earnings in order to meet their health needs.

Ecological factors- The expansion of the hospital should be according to the standards that have been set by Mississippi. This is because if not the hospital might be fined. There is also a need for the hospital to start projects that are intended to ensure that the area lives green, and it is a corporate social responsibility to teach persons about the importance of the environment. Further, by having a better environment to live in that is well protected, the number of communicable diseases will decrease as the water will be clean, and the air will also be of top quality.

Political factors-It is of the essence for the hospital to understand that indeed politicians will always try to meddle with the affairs of the hospital especially in an election year. This is because the politicians often use institutions such as hospital and schools to show that indeed they care for the society. The management should ensure that indeed they stay out of a politician’s antics and stick to the strategy and mission of the company.


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