Essay on Combating Terrorism

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Terrorism continues to be an ugly scar on the face of the earth that no form of reconstructive surgery can as yet repair. The effects of terrorism, both physical and psychological, continue to plague the fabric of our society (Makarychev, Orttung, 2006). However, all is not lost in the fight against global terrorism. It is still possible to lift ourselves out of the abyss in which terrorism continues to hold the world hostage.

First and foremost, it is necessary for all states in the world to upgrade their security systems and apparatus. The fact that terrorism occurs in unsafe and susceptible environments alone is reason enough for every state to beef up their security structures. Terrorists are not geniuses who devise ingenious ways to perpetrate their terror activities; they are ordinary demented folk who take advantage of vast security lapses to carry out their attacks (Alexander 2002). They have seemingly adopted jungle techniques whereby they stalk their prey and strike in their moment of weakness. This can, however, be avoided if only states would approach their security with stern faces and not the usual smiling face. The intelligence of any country is a powerful force to be reckoned with, especially if it does its job as it should. All states of this world should therefore ensure that their intelligence agencies are well equipped and adequately funded to serve their main purpose; providing key intelligence to the state on any impending dangers. With this approach, we will have moved a step in the fight against global terrorism.

Secondly, terrorism is as much a physical war as it a psychological one and that is why we should fight it on a psychological front as well. Contrary to popular belief that terrorism is all about Muslims hating Christians otherwise the terrorists would have attacked the Vatican long ago. I believe it is about a group of radical and mentally disturbed individuals taking advantage of seemingly divided states to conduct their terror activities. In all the places that terrorists have attacked, be it the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Pakistan or even Kenya, there have been some sort one division amongst the people. The spirit and feeling of unity and oneness plays a pivotal role in the fight against terrorism. Even the sages argue that ‘United we stand, divided we fall’. The fact that terrorists derive pleasure in inflicting physical injury and intense psychological trauma on their victims is enough to let us know that we have to stand up to terrorism. We have to decide that we will not let our lives, our joys, our pleasures and our activities become dependent on terrorism. This is because if we lack the right frame of mind in the fight against terrorism, then we might win some battles but we will have lost the war.

Last but not least, employment is key in the fight against terrorism (Pape, Feldman, 2010). It has been proven countless times over that indeed an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Having a large number of unemployed and idle youth in a country is not only unproductive but also dangerous. This is because these are the same youth that are recruited into the terror gangs that continue to wreak havoc I our societies. It is these very youth that are the foot soldiers in the war the terrorists fight. It therefore follows that should we stand a chance against terrorism, the youth must be employed and kept busy. I believe that hearing of an old man who was a suicide bomber would make for shocking news, seeing that such is reserved for the youth. Any state that is serious about tackling terrorism should therefore create sufficient employment opportunities for the youth.

When all is said and done, terrorism still remains a threat that every state grapples with on a daily basis. Just like vermin in our homes, it can be exterminated but only if we are willing to take the bull by the horns. Terrorism is not an everyday affair in our lives; it only serves common sense that we treat it as such.


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