Essay On Curriculum Director Interview

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Personal Background

1.What is the role of your position in the school?
2.Briefly tell us your educational background
3.What is your professional background in director position?
4.To what extent do you oversee the delivery of the curriculum in the school?
5.What experiences have you had as the current holder of the office?
6.What is your number one priority as the current holder of the office?
7.What personal ethics, values and qualities do you uphold?
8.How do you relate well with the school mission and vision?
9.What are your greatest professional strengths? Any weaknesses experienced in delivery of mandate?
10.What are your best leadership qualities? Name at least five of them.

Curriculum Design

1.What curriculum model have you adopted for the school?
2.How do you communicate any curricular changes to all the stakeholders in the school? How do you track these changes and ensure they are actualized?
3.How can you bridge the gap between research and practice?
4.We all understand that English is a second language in Saudi Arabia. How would you make sure that curriculum incorporates English to meet both the individual and national needs of communication?
5.What is your different approach to ensure that the curriculum achieves social, cultural and cognitive outcomes for the children?
6.What are the current needs or areas of improvement in the field?
7.What are your effective ways to ensure that the assessment provides valuable and reliable information regarding students learning?
8.What processes or instruments have you developed in assessing the implementation of the current curriculum design?
9.How do you measure any changes in curriculum and instructional practice?
10.What research activities are you undertaking on curriculum design for the district?
11.If any, how do you conduct both with national and state research initiatives?

Implementation and Evaluation of Curriculum Design

1.What curriculum changes have you witnessed as the Director?
2.How effectively have you implemented these changes?
3.What means of communication do you use in addressing any changes in curriculum design?
4.Could you please cite related evidence showing results on implementation of curriculum design?
5.How often do you evaluate the current curriculum design?
6.How do you keep abreast of any changes in curriculum as a directive from Ministry of Education?
7.What plans do you hold for implementing and constant evaluation of the curriculum?

Relationship and Interaction with Administration

1.How well do you interact with staff and the support colleagues in delivering your mandate?
2.How do you communicate with different stakeholders in the school?
3.Briefly describe your administrative style
4.How will you utilize the following colleagues; principal and vice principal in your role?
5.Can you please cite any efforts that you have taken in improving working relations?

Educational Philosophy

1. Please give your personal philosophy on education.
2.What is your philosophy on special education and how it is incorporated in the curriculum?
3.Which concept would like to insist in the education philosophy within the school?
4.How do you define o high education program is envisioned in your philosophy?

Community Expectation and Values

1.Please give your insight on the expectation of the community based on the standards articulated in the curriculum.
2.What would you incorporate in the curriculum that is in line with the community expectations?


This interview sought at understanding the role and duties of the curriculum director in Saudi Arabia. This report will base much on the results on the nature of curriculum design adopted in Saudi Arabia. The school has adopted an all-inclusive curriculum design that includes the extra-curricular activities. This will help in the growth of the students who have multiple talents in various games. The director of Curricular is in constant links with the Ministry of Education to ensure whatever goes on in the school has relevance in job market. Constant changes made to the curriculum are communicated via internal memos and stakeholders meeting. Research and practice have central importance to the country thus; they are incorporated in the school curriculum. The Director of curriculum has given the students an opportunity to highlight their research skills by incorporating this aspect thus enhancing the applicability of the knowledge learnt.

English as a language has a central role in communication both at the national and global arena. The Director of Curriculum has incorporated English language in the curriculum. Students, therefore, not only have to speak Arabic but also use English in their communication. The curriculum adopted by the school is inclusive in that it realizes the social and cultural needs of the society. Students are not only going to learn about the complex mathematical and scientific skills but also the social and cultural knowledge. This will ensure that the traditions are conserved in realization of national spirit as well as the heritage.

As identified in the interview, there are certain areas that need improvement. This is because of constant evaluation of curriculum inculcated by the director. The constant areas that need improvement include the scientific curriculum. There is a lot of theoretical knowledge as opposed to practical skills. The areas that need immediate improvement include; addition of practical lessons in the every science subject. There is a suggestion for the school to have science symposium days. This will provide a level playfield for students who have scientific talents to display their knowledge and even get grants for the same. The director has formulated ways that will test whether the curriculum is implemented. This includes constant review of what the students learn. The teachers are provided with the curriculum design beforehand to familiarize with it. This will ensure that they only teach what is relevant and in line with the curriculum design. Variations in the curriculum are measured using the current trend in the information on the sudden changes in curriculum development.

The director stays informed on these changes and often adjusts where necessary. The changes are implemented, however, after a series of considerations on both the advantages and disadvantages of the same. The research conducted on the curriculum design by the director of curriculum regards the methodologies of identifying the curriculum needs for the school. According to the director, once the research is complete, there will be explainable ways of detecting these needs and further providing the basis of implementation. The Ministry of Education and the stakeholders in the education sector collaboratively conduct this research. The director of curriculum realizes the need of change and adjustment and he is ready to implement issues, which are beneficial.