Essay On Daily Nutrition report

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Daily Nutrition report

A balanced diet can be described as that which provides all the essential nutrients to the body, these includes vitamins and minerals that are integral when it comes to the maintenance of the cells. A diet that is lacking nutrients can often lead to different health problems that range from tiredness as well as lack of energy that leads to serious problems with the function of several vital organs and it should lack of growth as well as development. A balanced diet often needs to contain foods from several different main groups in the correct proportions in a bid to ensure that there is optimum nutrition. In the first day, the breakfast was moderate as it consisted of only 150 grams and contributed no calories to the overall total calories of the day. Lunch consisted of breast chicken that was flour coated and fried. It contributed around 189Kcal towards the total. Dinner was the biggest contributor in terms of calories, it produced around 548 Kcal and it consisted of broiled beef.

The snacks contained peaches that were thick and easy and they contained around 90 Kcal. In total, there were around 827 Kcal that were consumed in the first day. The recommended carbs are 850 calories per day, however, this was not the daily intake as it tended to be on the lower side. On the first day the carbohydrates that were taken were on the lower side and they were about 452 calories, this was definitely below the recommended levels. This was also the case when it came to proteins, the low recommended was about 225 calories per day, however, on the first day, here was a total intake of about 179 calories. Further, when it came to fats, the recommended figure was around 379-663 calories per day. However, the fats taken on the first day were about 337 Kcal. This indeed shows that on the first day, the nutrition was not on point as the consumption for both carbohydrates, proteins, and fats were low as compared to those that are recommended.

On the second day, there was an increase in the daily consumption of calories as it reached a total of 1154 Kcal. There was about 233 Kcal in the morning where the meal was hard boiled eggs, at lunch there was chicken breast that contributed around 189 Kcal and home Fries that contributed around 157 Kcal. When it came to dinner, the red beans, rice and veges brought about 111 Kcal while the chicken breast that was roasted brough about 386 Kcal. The snack that was taken on the first day included one pineapple that contributed about 78 Kcal. The consumption of the carbs were lower than expected on the first day and they contributed around 351 Kcal. However, on the side of the proteins, there was a notable increase as it met the threshold that was required. The proteins that were taken amounted to around 311 Kcal. Finally, the threshold on fat was also met despite it being on the minimal side, there was about 390 Kcal of fat that was taken on the second day.

On the third day, the total calories dropped as they contributed around 957 Kcal to the total basket. On this day, the breakfast contributed around 278Kcal where white bread, orange juice and meatless bacon were taken. Lunch contributed more than half of the calories consumed that day as it consisted of ground beef lasagna which contributed around 551 to the total calories intake. The final was a snack that contributed around 127 Kcal to the total calories intake. Again, for the third time in a row, the carbon intake was extremely low from the target. It stood at around 452 Kcal, on the side of protein there was also a decrease as it did not meet the threshold that was put up. This was also the same case with fats which had decreased substantially to around 337 Kcal.

I was particularly surprised by my intake in regards to carbs, I had thought that carbs would even go higher than the recommended limit. However, it came as a surprise for me to find out that indeed even the lowest recommended limit was not reached during the three days. However, I need to increase the level of carbs that I take on a daily basis, they should at least reach the recommended limits. Further, I also need to ensure that there is a proper between the three foods in a day. For example, in the second day, there was a burst of energy at lunch as this was the point where it took about 551 Kcal per day. There is a need to make sure that there is a balance and this is something that I believe I will work on. I have realized that there are some snacks that I eat because of impulse, however, I intend to ensure that this is under control as the snacks give an increase in my daily calories count.


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