Essay On Entertainment and Media

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Entertainment and Media

Technology and Media has changed the way people communicate and these communication systems can be described as evolving from the traditional pigeon carrying messages to e-mails as well as instant messages which often travel long distances in seconds. The cellular technology as well as satellite communication has especially been important to me as it helps me communicate to my friends and peers and makes communication easier between me and them. The internet on the other hand has helped me exchange information over long distances to several friends in different parts of the world. The e-mail has enabled me to communicate with my lecturers instantly and to get a response immediately. The television on the other hand has been a source of entertainment for me, I have had the ability of watch movies at the comfort of my house and I have also been able to watch news and the happenings all around the world. This has helped me improve my general understanding of the world as well as for me to appreciate several different cultures that are diverse.

Cost Chart

Internet $20
Video games $50
Forbes Magazine $14
Television $22
Cell $50
Text messages $20
Satellite Radio $15
Total $201

On the second day, I was able to stay without any media and this was very important as I understood the importance that the Media on the society. I understood that indeed the standard of life has increased because of the presence of the media. Our communication needs are often met with great ease. It was very easy to understand that indeed without media I could not in any make the daily conversations that I usually have. I spent a whole day without cellular technology and satellite communication and instead I went to the local field to play a game of soccer.

I also threw in some basketballs. In the whole day, I was not able to get any information regarding the news about the happenings all over the world. I was also not able to get any information regarding social media and what was trending all around the world. In terms of text messaging, I was not able to communicate with my friends as usual, instead my cell phone was switched off and consequently it was extremely difficult to get in touch with any one of them. In terms of television and satellite radio, I was not able to get information regarding news and was also not capable of listening to the music that I love.

I had several anxieties, I occasionally thought that something had happened to my friends and because I did not have my phone switched on, It would have been difficult for me to know. There were times that I felt that I could just switch on the phone, however, for the integrity of the assignment I restrained myself.

Postman argues that indeed in the 21st century, persons are exchanging their rights for entertainment. He argues that form often excludes the content and that a particular medium can often sustain only a particular level of ideas (Postman, 2006). The use of television and the internet often dilute politics as well as religions and consequently the news of the day are the ones that are packaged commodity. He goes on to argue that television of de-emphasizes the quality of information but instead it often favors the satisfaction of what can only be described as far-reaching needs of entertainment (Postman, 29). The important information that should be relayed through the television is often put behind and in its place entertainment is often given first priority. In fact, Post goes ahead to further argue that indeed the presentation of news in television can be described as a form of entertainment programming and this can be seen by the way there is inclusion of theme music as well as interruption for several high paying commercials.

Therefore, even in terms of politics it has ceased to be about the solutions and ideas about the candidate but rather it is all about whether the candidate can be able to come across as a favorable person on television (Postman, 16). He argues that printed words are one hundred times better than the television. This is because it is only through the printed words that one can effectively unearth complicated truths. In his arguments he is able to give an example, he states that the first fifteen presidents of the United States could not have been recognized if they walked down the street by the average citizen, however, all these men could have been easily known by their written words. However, in the 21st century, this has changed and the presidents, scientists and even lawyers are just mere television images and very few words if any can come to mind when their name is mentioned.

I agree with Postman and this can be seen through my schedule, I only took around 20 minutes reading the Forbes magazine. When it came to the bulletin, I was not able to see that indeed I was paying more attention to the commercials and the entertainment as compared to the actual news. For this reason, I believe that indeed I belong to the group that is often referred to as a typical American. For this reason, I can arguably say that indeed the American public is often obsessed more with entertainment as compared to important news. If there was a super bowl final and on the next channel there was a Presidential debate, most people will switch to the Super Bowl.

Further, the need to belong to television has also been a big thing in the United States. The internet and television are often well read as compared to other forms of media. The use of magazines and newspapers has been on the decrease and these are often the credible sources for information. It can be seen in my schedule that through the whole day, there was no single time I searched the internet for important news. I was obsessed with entertainment and this is the same case with the common American (Postman, 32). Through the three days that I recorded the information I was not able to buy a newspaper and again these shows that indeed entertainment was a focal point in my life.

In conclusion, Media plays a very important role in the life of a person and this can be seen by the fact that I was anxious and was not able to perform optimally when I did not have any source of media. Entertainment has overshadowed news and information (Postman, 26). It is of the essence to note that indeed in the United States people often spend a lot of time in entertainment as compared getting news and information. This can be seen by the television views in the United States, print media reading has been on a decrease and this is mainly because of the new found focus on entertainment alone.


Postman, Neil. Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business. New York, N.Y. [u.a.: Penguin Books, 2005. Print.