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The form of art I used for this image is photography while the medium of work applied is I phone 5.I took the picture from a ground level. The photo is approximately 8.6 inches long 6.5 inches wide. It is two dimensional because its elements are organized on a flat surface emphasizing on the vertical and horizontal character of the picture plane that is the length and the width, I created illusion of three dimension by enhancing the depth of the picture through the use overlapping objects ,color variation, the use of diminishing scale, and creation of focus whereby objects that have more intense color, detail and even contrast look closer in comparison with objects that are further away and which appear to be hazy.

The objects identifiable in this picture include a terrain made up of mostly green grass and trees, although there are some parts of the grass that are dark patched. At the background of the picture there is a depiction of a forest because of the many trees crowded together as well as mountains. Cumulo-nimbus clouds are also visible at the background. At the foreground, there is a tarmacked road that leads to an area with concentrated modern houses that have solar panels on the roof tops. Within the concentrated houses area, motor vehicles of different kinds are also visible. Alongside the tarmacked road, there is a trough of water. The light blue coloration in the picture depicts the presence of a swimming pool. The orientation of the frame used is horizontal. The location from which this image was taken is in Grindewald , Switzerland in the summer of 2013.The historical aspect of this image is the capturing of world-famous mountains of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau and the environs.


The line I used for this photography is horizontal because at the background, the sky meets the land. There is an element of overlapping whereby some trees tend to shadow the other aspects of the image such as buildings and this therefore creates an illusion of relative distance and creation of image depth. I also used diminishing scale aspect with the closer objects appearing to be larger while the far away objects seem smaller. For example, the tarmac road appears to be larger than the other objects in the picture because it is closer to the lens and a lot of focus has been laid on it. I also used dark, cool color and they become even more deepened especially at the background and this makes the horizon and the forest look further away. In the taking of this picture, I used outdoor lighting with the main source of light being sunlight although not strong. This resulted in the appearance of the picture being cool natured, and a bit dull.

The colour scheme palette indicated in this picture is generally dark and cool with a lot of green, brown and black colors usage. The picture feels real but bumpy owing to the nature of terrain it captures. The picture plan also has all the components of space: the background that is largely comprised of the tarmac road and green fields on either side of it, the middle ground that captures the housing and the foreground area that has the horizon of clouds, and a forest. The principle of this design is real and natural.

The landscape is real because the picture captures the natural world and the photograph is varied because I used diminishing scale aspect with closer parts of the photograph appearing larger and the further objects of the photograph appearing smaller. This therefore indicates use of linear perspective since the elements diminish in size as the distance between the lens and the object increases. Doing this creates an illusion of great depth in the picture because the difference in sharpness between the foreground and the background becomes more pronounced and the objects in the background appear blurred. By using lighter colors such as light green in the foreground i enhanced the depth of the picture.

The picture has a symmetrical balance because there are no emptiness areas captured in the picture. The picture is evened out with the objects being evenly distributed in the frame. There is also some portrayal of movement in the picture with the clouds appearing blurred hence indicating movement of the clouds. Emphasis is also used as a principle of design by laying emphasis greatly on the tarmac road because its size variation is larger than in the other parts of the picture and this makes it clearer than in all the other parts.
With the symmetrical balance and unity and rhythm created by the picture, the frame appears to be proportionate and well balanced out. Variation has also been used with color ranging whereby I used lighter colors in the foreground of the photograph such as light green and duller colors deeper into the photograph such as color black and brown. This variety creates unity in the picture as well as visual interest to the observer.


The picture has a cool mood with its dark colors. The main ideas and also prevalent themes as to why I took this photograph were to illustrate communalism owing to the various components involved in this residential area set up. This is because the picture captures aspects such as housing whereby the houses are constructed close by with each other. The model of the houses also depicts that the area captured by the photographer is high end because they are modernized, large and of seemingly good quality. The tarmacked road also insinuates good leadership that has led to good infrastructure. The posts also indicate good amenities such as enhanced communication. The residents of this area also conserve their environment well owing to the many number of trees visible as well as presence of green grass. The trough besides the tarmacked road indicates that there might be the economic activity of livestock keeping in this area. The themes above make great sense owing to the rising rate of global warming and environment pollution. The picture also indicates a cool mood with a serene, well conserved environment.


The picture is of good quality and successfully communicates to the observer the aspects it intended to focus on: good conservation of the environment and coexistence between human beings and nature. This judgment is made on the basis of comparison with other pictures. The picture is also an original and conveys a message that’s not usually captured in most photos, that of communalism and good conservation of the environment. However, in the future more emphasis on the middle ground would be greatly recommended for easier analysis of the picture.


Photo taken at the Grindewald , Switzerland in the summer of 2013.