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The first promotion can be found at . This is a website primarily dealing with the sale of cosmetics. The website owned by Purity Cosmetics Inc., a company that is rapidly growing in the cosmetics industry. One of the company’s flagship brands is known as 100% Pure which created products being marketed in the referenced promotion.

Some of the products include creams, deodorants and lipsticks, which are all 100% natural according to the company. The promotion promises free gifts that include Acai Berry Face and Eye Creams for all customers who make orders that exceed $130. On the same webpage, the company promises to ship all orders for free so long as they exceed $50 purchase bulk. For purposes of efficiency, the site allows for one to create an account which will enable users or buyers to place an order and pay for the goods through a secure online system.

This is a product promotion, since the marketers of the company are offering a free gift with every purchase in order to attract more customers. This is one of the main ways that product promotions can be identified. Women form the main demographical group for the target market based on the advertisement’s product line. This can easily be determined through appreciating the nature of the products that are mainly feminine cosmetics.

They are products focused on feminine beauty with a tag line “appearance in the most natural way possible”. Women also appreciate free samples, which motivates the shopping trends. The company appeals to its main market by offering the free gift which and eventually creation of a loya market base. This makes the promotion effective as it appeals to the feminine side of its target audience, meaning that it is bound to increase the sales.

The second promotion can be found at . Gatwick Express is the first air and rail shuttle service in the world. It offers efficient and effective means of transport between the London Gatwick airport and Central London. This particular promotion promises a 10% discount on single tickets that have been booked online only.

The promotion is very exclusive for its aim at availing the 10% discount to its online customers only. It is valid for first class and express for tickets purchased for adults. The discount is not applicable when using other online promotions such 4 for 2 tickets. It also emphasized that the offer is dependent on availability of tickets and Gatwick Express has the right to terminate or modify the offer without notifying the public. Other regulations indicate that the offer cannot be exchanged for any other offer such as credit or cash alternatives.

This product promotion is targeted at all travellers seeking Gatwick express travel services as their preferred means of transport. The population in London is always making online visits performing various tasks on their mobile phones, tablets, or PCs. The company appeals to this demographical group because of its transition to delivering its services through the internet.

In London, the busy schedule of most people needs a reliable transport system which Gatwick Express is ready to offer with a promotion that offers an incentive to embrace online booking of tickets and ease operations within the company. This makes it an effective venture because the company and customers stand to benefit from online booking of tickets. The promotion will attract customers who will appreciate the convenience of online booking while the company will avert any logistical nightmares.

The third promotion can be found at . The company is ‘Abe Books’, which enables purchase of books available for sale from thousands of booksellers. The company acts as facilitator for online buying of goods, which is convenient for customers.

On the website, one can easily find a book by simply typing in the name of the author, the title of the book, or certain key words and browsing through the search results. The books are in their millions, some of them new, used, or out of print. There is no minimum purchase orders which allows for bulky purchases. The promotion offers free shipping of the books that one purchases online to virtually anywhere in the United States. The offer of free shipping is only available for residents of the United States. Residents of Australia, UK, Canada, or New Zealand can not benefit from this particular promotion.

This is a shipping type of promotion since it promises free shipping within the United States. The target market for the promotion is avid book readers constantly searching the web for new books for their home or office library. It could also be an individual searching for a particular book that cannot be found at their local library. The promotion allows them to search for the book, find it if available, order it, and wait for its shipping for free.

The company tries to appeal to the target audience by providing the customer with a 30 day refund policy. Additionally, one’s online shopping privacy is guaranteed by the website. The promotion is quite effective because more people are turning to the internet to find and purchase books rather than combing shelves in the library. This promotion will draw more customers and make them choose Abe Books over other online bookstores.