Essay On Phormia regina

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Phormia regina

The black blow fly referred to as Phormia regina can be described as a primary species that is often used in order to indicate a postmortem interval or in a scientific more appropriate term 'time since colonization'. This species has been deemed important by many because of its role as a secondary myiasis producer in different livestock operations. Recently, it has been used effectively as a time since death indicator in the vast field of forensic entomology. Therefore, with this rise in important, there have been the great amount of data on it growth as well as development. It is of importance to note that the developmental time in the different studies often vary greatly, and there is a need for detailed data that will be effectively used in medico criminal entomology. In this study, there were hourly developmental data which were presented under constant temperatures of 10 degrees to forty degrees. There was also the use of cyclic temperatures.

In the study, a constant temperature of around 40 degrees was the one that produced the egg eclosion that ranged from around eight hours to thirteen hours. The peak eclosion occurred at around ten hours from the start of oviposition. It is imperative to understand that the most extensive treatment that was carried out by reported a hatch in 8.7 h and no hatching occurring after 43 degrees centigrade. The egg hatch time that was reported by Kamal at constant temperature was the same as of this study that at a degree of 26.7 had a range of around ten to twenty-two hours. The study was in agreement with portions of different results from various researchers, however, at temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius the differences became more pronounced. Therefore, a forensic entomologist should be cautious when it comes to the application of the growth and data of this species to criminal as well as civil investigations because there exists wide variations above these temperatures. However, if the food is depleted the Phormia regina often disappears.

Piece of evidence useful in Court

The information on the growth and development of Phormia regina is important in the calculation of time since colonization that then can show the time of death of a person. Dependent on the temperatures, the hatching time and the development rates of the Phormia regina can be noted down. It is of importance to note that temperatures above 25 degrees Celsius can often be problematic. However, by the forensic entomologist studying the temperatures, and the size of the Phormia regina, he or she can be able to give an estimate of the time of death. It is of importance to note that the Phormia regina often establishes a colony on the body after death has taken place and hatched according to the temperatures. For example, in this study, it was found out that at a degree of 26.7 it took around ten to twenty hours. The time of hatching is the big problem as it is extremely dependent on the environmental temperatures. This is the only problematic area because the development of this species is well documented. However, if there were lower temperatures below 25 degrees it is extremely easy for the forensic entomologist to give an exact time of death or better put time since oviposition.

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