Essay On Terrorism around the World & Right to Bear Arms

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Terrorism around the World and the Right to Bear Arms

Terrorism can be described as a form of psychological warfare in a literal sense. All the power of terrorism often lies from the leveraging the imperfections of the human mind and an increased tendency for people to make regrettable decisions when they are consumed by fear. For example, the Boston Marathon bombing killed three people and injured over 200 persons (Duncan 118). This is tragic as well as upsetting, however, over 115 dies in the United States due to car accidents. An estimated 130 die because they lack access to health and 110 people die each day because of suicide. In the scheme of things, the bombings can be described as a blip on the radar.

However, this generates a stronger emotional reaction from everybody else in the United States. Psychological research has shown that there are a number of fear triggers in humans, and this causes people to become more afraid than the actual threat merits. If an act is directed at a specific group and individual, it is extremely easy to brush it as somebody’s problem (Duncan 124). However, when the violence is random, the human mind often has a tendency always to assume that one might be next. It is this same perceptual bias which keeps people each and every time to buy lottery tickets, and this creates a self-absorbed notion that one might be one in a million to win the lottery. This paper will examine terrorism around the world and the right to bear arms.

Following the tragedy of 9/11, the United States declared war on Terror. As a result of these terrorist attacks, terrorism became a source of pervasive fear as well as loathing across the world. It is often said that the first rule of war is to know your enemy. This is where the problem lies; this is because terrorists are not a simple enemy to know. They often have a myriad of different complex motivations as individuals and groups. In the year 2001, the State Department had designated around 22 foreign terrorist organizations.

This list had grown to over 26 organizations with several dozen groups being listed as unofficial groups (Aydinli, 24). This means that either the terrorism is tremendous growth industry, or the definition of terrorism has become liberal in its definition. The term terrorism often means pre-meditated, motivated violence, and it is perpetrated against noncombatant and it often targets subnational groups and clandestine agents that are often usually intended in a bid to influence an audience. The current interest in terrorism can be said to focus on violence perpetrated by Islamic fundamentalists. Terrorism has become pervasive since the 1960’s. Most of these organizations used guerrilla tactics. However, it is of importance to understand that the traditional guerilla warfare is not possible in urbanized countries. For instance, in the United States it might be extremely difficult for rebels to gain and hold control over land. Instead, the terrorist organizations employ over hit and run attacks over innocent civilians.

Terrorism is public, and terrorists often target public places so that even if people are not injured, the most people will see it and consequently be affected by it. This is the symbolism that is used in terrorism. It is often argued that the more significant the public event, the more the magnitude the violence will be perceived to have (Duncan 83). Terrorism often takes an advantage of the fact that fear sells. Humans are often wired to fear, and this is more important than any other emotion. Terrorism can be described as the fact of the 21st century; the internet and 24-hour media machine and this enables it. However, terrorism can be described as a psychological weapon. In fact, a homemade bomb often does little; it is the fear and paranoia, blame and hate of the millions of people who watch it and do something (Duncan 53).

There are several large terrorist organizations, one of the largest is Taliban. The word Taliban is derived from the word student, and it governed Afghanistan from the year 1996 to the year 2001. The Taliban has been involved in several terrorist attacks around the world. The deadly guerrilla war against the NATO and governments of Afghanistan and Pakistan has been described as some of the most notable attacks. Hamas is another organization, and it is a socio-political terrorist group of Palestine that was founded in the year 1987, and this was due to an offshoot of the Muslim brotherhood. This organization has often been established with the aim of Jihad, and this has helped to release Palestine from the Israeli occupation.

The terrorist organization is often known for its daredevil suicide bombers, and it has been active in Israeli civilians as well as defense officers. Al-Qaeda can be described as the biggest name in terrorist groups across the world. The group was established in the year 1989 by Osama Bin Laden. The group is notorious for September 11 attacks, and it has accomplished proper military training for its soldiers. The most recent terrorist group to come into the picture is ISIS referred to as Islamic States in Syria and Iraq. ISIS can be described as a ruthless terrorist organization that has beheaded journalists and other persons. ISIS has killed a lot of people in Iraq and Syria, and this has led to a catastrophe globally. Many governments have condemned these actions by ISIS and countries such as the United States have decided to launch military attacks on ISIS.

Since the occurrence of attacks on September 11th, there have been global initiatives that have come in order to stop terrorism and have taken place all around the globe. Most notably this has taken place in the Middle East, there has been some much attention that has been focused on particular area and this has made Americans forget about the terrorist groups that exist in their back yard. In fact, unlike foreign terrorist organizations that try to attempt a risky border crossing and they are often already here. Despite the lack of publicity of these homegrown terrorist organizations have caused a lot of internal problems, and they occur more regularly than many people believe. The Crips gang was formed in the early 1970’s, and it was meant to protect neighborhoods.

The organization has grown and although it does not hold any definite belief system or agenda, murder is often commonly used when it comes to scaring rival and public gangs. Homeland security has acknowledged that the Crips are ruthless and unpredictable. The most known terrorist organization in the United States that is homegrown is The Klu Klux Klan. It is by far the most feared and notorious organization. The organization has been wreaking havoc since the year 1865 after the Civil war. The group seeks to restore white supremacy by assassinating prominent African Americans, and this includes community leaders, religious figures and politicians. The Klu Klux Klan in the 21st century focuses in immigrants, urban criminals and African Americans at large. The Klu Klux Klan can be argued to have laid the groundwork for almost every white supremacist group which exists today. Therefore, it has led to the assault of a lot of individuals throughout history and also damaged properties of minority households.

The right to bear arms can be described as a tradition that has deep roots in the American society. Many people often feel the need to carry firearms in order to feel safe. This tradition came from the fact that almost all the states had militias that consisted of normal ordinary citizens (Woods 17). Therefore, they were given the right to carry firearms in order to protect themselves as well as the state. The common American believes that there is a need to protect him or herself. In this regard, for the case of self-defense a lot of people often buy guns and keep them in their cars, houses and even carry them around for the purpose of self-defense (Spitzer 14). Further, there are sports that need the use of guns and consequently, this underlies the need for one to have a gun if her or she is going to engage in the sport. However, it is of the essence to understand that the Second amendment is one of the most controversial legal issues in the U.S. However, the United States is the only nation in the world where persons have the right to keep and bear arms. This is a tradition that has been deeply rooted in the country, and it will be very difficult to uproot.

Crime in the United States still remains a big thorn into the flesh to the society. Although crime rates have been decreasing, there is still concern regarding the high number of violent crimes in the states which in the year 2013 stood at 1.6 million persons. The murder figure has been constant over the years at around 14,000 persons per annum. This is a high number and it shows the reason as to why there is need for one to e properly equipped with his or her own gun. This gun will be of importance as it can be used for self-defense.

During terrorist attacks, civilians can be able to enter the scene and really creates a difference. If they are well armed, civilians can be able to stop terrorist orgnizations from perpetuating their deeds on American soil. There have been instances where civilians have been able to effectively neutralize the terrorist because at the time they were carrying a gun which is allowed by the second amendment. In fact, in this case, they are protecting themselves and the state. Further, in order for one to feel at peace, he or she might carry a gun and this will decrease the fear of terrorism as one understands that he or she can do something about the situation.

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