Essay On Violence in Sports Should be Banned

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Why violence in sports should be banned


When one thinks of the tremendous steps that humanity has made in terms of technological progress one cannot help but stand in awe. However, it is amazing how little humanity has developed in other different respects (In Torres, 2004). There are persons that might speak contemptuously when it comes to the poor old Romans that relished on the orgies that came with slaughter in their arenas. Many of the persons in the 21st century might despise the Romans because they mistook the slaughter of men for entertainment. There are others in the society that forgive them arguing that indeed they live around 2200 years ago and consequently they knew no better (Thornton, 2011). However, a question that arises is whether or not these feelings of superiority in the 21st century are really justified. Is the 21st century society any less blood thirsty than those Romans that lived ages ago? One example is boxing matches, they often attract universal interest and the spectators attend in a bid to see some violence. This paper explores whether indeed violence should be banned in sports (In Torres, 2004).

Main aim of sports

The main foundation of sports should never be forgotten. Sports is basically an activity that is done for pleasure and which often needs physical efforts as well as skill. Some people often dedicate themselves to this activity and most people often consider it as a passion to compete against each other in ability, spirit and skill (Thornton, 2011). Sport is important as it helps to inculcate a sense of discipline as well as a spirit of brother hood or as it is commonly referred to a sense of team spirit. It is of importance to understand that there should be nothing violent about sporting, however, in the over the years violent sports have dominated the entertainment arena and in fact there are some people that are making a living about it and they cannot even get enough of it.

These kinds of sports should be banned for several reasons, firstly, it is imperative to understand that violence begets violence and once there are no restrictions, generations after generations will be caught in what can be described as a vicious cycle that will never end. Homes will become more violent and the streets will see many crimes, the seeds that were sown during the years of watching violent entertainment events (In Torres, 2004). If violent sports are continued the blood that is seen on the screens during the sporting displays will soon become no entry zones and police officers will gather evidence in a bid to send several sportsmen to jail for the passionate crimes that have been committed. Therefore, there violence in sports should be banned on both human and moral grounds.

Some sports can only be described as nothing but an excuse for violence. Boxing can be described as a perfect example. The people often punch each other mercilessly to the great amazement and admiration of the crowd (In Torres, 2004). The only difference that exists between the 21st century and the Romans is the fact that they were honest enough to admit that they immensely enjoyed watching hungry lions tear up people and going ahead and eating them alive. The 21st century man is afraid of admitting to this fact and finds all the different sorts of sophisticated arguments and reasons that are intended to defend sports that should have been banned ages ago. Violence in sports has been on the increase and there are some sports that can only be described as barbarous and can be compared to bearbaiting and public hangings.

There are some people that argue that it is the players that choose to participate, however, it is of the essence to understand that this is always not the case and many boxers are known to come from disadvantaged backgrounds (In Torres, 2004). These violent sports are often lure persons with money and there always exists social and peer pressure which leads most of them to joining the war. Even when it comes to the richer social groups, there are schools that force unwilling students to play sports that can be described as aggressive. They give a flimsy reason that playing the pugnacious sports will improve the student's character and the school reputation. However, this is always the case but in fact it increases the risk of injury (Thornton, 2011).

It is of the essence to understand that even when people can choose, there is a need to sometimes protect the persons against themselves. This is because there are sports that are extremely violent and cause a lot of harm to the persons (In Torres, 2004). There is therefore, a need to ensure that these sports are banned and if they are not banned there are explicit rules that are put in place to ensure the safety of the players. Violence in sports should not be condoned at any level and there is a need to ensure that sports is kept clean by both the government as well as the players themselves that play in the specific leagues.

Violence in sports can also be seen in what is often described as less violent sports such as football. The frequency to which concussions are occurring in football alone is disturbing. The violent sports takes years off the lives of the players and it also serves as a bad example to the young players who dream of success in the league (Morgan, 2007). There is a need for the professional leagues to take better care of their players and ensure that violence is eradicated completely from sport and that every player is inculcated with this thought (Thornton, 2011). There should be no allowance whatsoever for any player to conduct any violence against another player. Players that inculcate violence in the field of player should receive heavy fines and may even receive prosecution outside the pitch. This will be important as it will ensure that the players understand the repercussions that come with violence in sports.

Violence in sports effect on children

Children can be said to be highly influenced by the violence that exists in sports. Children are naive and when violence in sports is propagated in the television persons that have never played the sport like children get the wrong impression of the sport. It is important to note that children are influenced easily be violent sport because the sports stars are their role models. Therefore, if they see them being violent they are more likely to take up those attributes and become violent themselves. Boys in fact by nature are known to be rough and this should not be encouraged any further.

The children when they watch violence in sport they tend to believe that indeed violence is an acceptable part of the sport when actually that is far from the truth. Researchers have argued that children that often watch WWE often believe that being tough is beating up other children and in fact violent sports have been attributed to the rising cases of bullying in the United States. This is because children have been taught that in order for them to be the strongest they must show violence against others as shown in some violent sports such as rugby and boxing (Morgan, 2007). Therefore, it can be seen that indeed children are being influenced heavily by violence in sport. If violence in sports is not stopped, these children will go on believing that actually sports should be naturally violent and unfortunately these violent acts will be adapted into their everyday life (Thornton, 2011). Therefore, violence in sports should be banned with immediate effect in order to protect these vulnerable children who look upon sports as the their only source of entertainment and pass time.

It is incredible that in the 21st century, hunting and bull fighting are still encouraged. In fact, these violent sports are glamorized on the media and they are attended even by the leaders. It is perfectly comfortable for a man to sit back and watch as two men or women batter each other to pulp. People are relatively unmoved by the sight of a number of racing cars bursting into flames (Morgan, 2007).

This is what violence has done to the human population and there is a need to stop it. In fact, there is no need for the 21st century man to deceive himself; any talk of team spirit can be described as a sheer hypocrisy. This is because people often take part in these violent sports and encourages violence in sports because of the high rewards that they bring. The spectators of these violent sports are often willing to pay large sums of money in order to go watch violence at its best. For example, a world heavyweight championship match can only be described as front page news. Millions of people around the globe are often disappointed when a supposedly big fight ends into rounds instead of twelve. They often feel disappointed because they feel like they have been deprived an exquisite pleasure that comes with witnessing prolonged violence and torture (Thornton, 2011).

The question that stands that out is why then there is a need to ban violence sports if people enjoy them so much. The answer however is simple; violence is sports is uncivilized, this is because man for many years has been trying to improve himself spiritually as well as emotionally. At least one no longer sees the sight of persons that were referred to as madmen being locked up in cages or even the public floggings of roll forming machines. The barbaric practices that were common in the past now only live in museums and history books (Morgan, 2007).

However, these changes occurred not because the human persons suddenly improved but because of important and positive steps that were taken in a bid to change the law. The law can be described as the biggest instrument of social change that exert great civilizing change and influence in the society. If violence is banned in sports, that will be described as one important step towards improving mankind (Morgan, 2007). There is a need for the society to note that violence is degrading and it is also unworthy of human beings and consequently it should be banned.

It will be hypocritical to state that indeed sports do not involve challenge as well as risk. However, violence and unwarranted aggression should not be permitted in the name of sport. Different sports should be regulated in a bid to ensure that the violence is stamped out. Government as well as individuals should act in a bid to limit the brutality and violence in order for the adults and children enjoy as well as benefit from the sport.


In conclusion, millions of people often play sport each and every day and inevitably some might suffer injury and pain. Most players and spectators have been able to accept this risk; however, some people have argued that there is a need to see violent sports such as boxing banned. Violence should be banned in sports and in fact some sports are nothing but an excuse for violence. Sports such as boxing have been propagating violence and the sight of two men bleeding with faces ripped open has been confused for a source of entertainment in the world today. Children are often highly influenced by violence in sports that are displayed in the television (Morgan, 2007). Children are often influenced extensively because the sports starts are icons and role models for majority of children and consequently when they see their role models engaging in violence they often follow suit. The main aim of sports should not be forgotten which is competing against each other in ability, skill, and spirit. Sports help in inculcating discipline and therefore, violence should never be allowed in sports and consequently it should be banned without much further ado.


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