Essay On Yang Fudong

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Art and works of art present an explicit channel through which people can express their thought and apply creativity in coming up with decorative drawing, writing or designs. Photography is a major field in art related ventures that is highly exploited in different regions all over the world. Just like any other works of art photography in an in-grown skill and the craftiness of the photography is essential in determining the quality of a photograph. In this essay we shall focus on Yang Fudong as the central reference in reviewing different aspects or art. In addition, we shall focus on the location; explore some details concerning the nature of photographs and why his work of art is significant.

Yang is an experienced photographer whose birth dates back to 1971 in Shanghai china. Unlike some professional photographers, yang Fadong’s involvement in photography is basically driven by his interest in films, photographs and video. In all his works the main focus is to realize the full power of imagery in exploring subjectivity, experience and thought. His ability to stylistically draw important details from the history of Chinese cinema is worth noting. This information is then presented in form of open ended narratives that combine quotidian ritual with dream and fantasy. In addition to his undisputable interest in art, yang is a trained painter with credentials from china academy of fine arts in Hangzhou (Ye Jiang, 2011, p.1). Yang has been in the art industry for a long time which explains his experience and the ability to produce quality and moving works of art. His venture into serious photography and art work started in the 1990s where he worked in the medium of film and video.

Photographs and pieces of art made by yang Fudong are unique and stand out even when they are put together with other pieces of art. All his works portray a high level of cinematography and clearly prove his mastery of cinematic style. Yang also appreciates the diversity of art. He believe a that art is not restricted or governed by a set of rules or conditions. The freedom of expression in art is evident through the various photographs, films and paintings at UC Berkley art museum. The films have two major characteristics. They are open-ended and philosophical. This means that the films trigger questions that revolve around both history and contemporary life particularly in issues that affect the young people.

The black and white film, seven intellectuals in a bamboo forest, which is adopted from a traditional Chinese tale-the seven sages of bamboo grove- is fantastic and a commendable work of art. He uses a romantic framework cautiously and courteously to preserve Chinese contemporary values to examine the societal and organizational structures in china today. In this piece of art yang examines china through the eyes of young urban intellectuals and tries to establish their thoughts and feelings. This portray the real potential that art has in expressing peoples thoughts, feelings and grievances or problems that affects them in their daily lives.

The Nightman cometh is a single screen work which unveils in the realm of historical fantasy to adequately encompass thought and feelings through the use of immortal characters. This piece of work is very popular among the many film, photographs and paintings that yang funding has developed in his life time. In developing and presenting this piece of work yang settled for a neo-realism description rather than historical or allegorical one. This method combines current and contemporary social factors in one piece of art work. This film is a clear expression of the fact that when historical events appear and reappear, they seize being part of history and become part of the present or future. In viewing this film the writer is taken through a series of changing emotions and thoughts as the warrior faces different circumstances. The view is left to wonder whether the warrior will continue fighting or will quit the battle half way.

Yang fundong’s works of art are highly significant in the Chinese setting and traditions. This is because most of his art works draw back into the Chinese tradition. People who are interested or those that marvel at the elegance and diversity of art get an opportunity to view the paintings and films during the various exhibitions. During the exhibitions people interact with the developers of the various pieces of art and get a first hand thoughts and explanations from the owners of the art work. This way, it is easy to understand what the developer of a certain piece of work intended to communicate in making a specific piece of art. Art remains the sole mode of expression that has been in existence for a long time now. It helps in storing valuable historical information and passes it on to the future generations. This way a people’s history and values are preserved and propagated over several generations through art works such as paintings, photographs and films.

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