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Essay On Alibaba Born Again

The Alibaba group can be described as one of the leading companies when it comes to the Internet business worldwide, and it covers consumer e-commerce, business to business marketplaces, online payments, and cloud computing. The company was founded in a noble apartment in Hangzhou in China by eighteen people and today the company employs more than 24,000 people in over 70 cities around the world. The company consists of several subsidiaries, of which, Yahoo! China Alimama and Alisoft are the most important subsidiaries.

Essay On Israel Palestine Conflict

Palestine, which was known as the land of the Canaanites, came to being from the interaction of the local and the philistines who originated from the island of Crete. The locals and the foreigners intermarried bringing into being the word Palestine. The Palestinian Arabs lived traditional lives socially and politically thus the Zionist invasion greatly corrupted their way of life. The Palestinian Arabs were the first contenders in the fight against the Zionist invasion in their land. The Palestinian Arabs are Muslims who tend to rebel against the introduction of the new religion as they felt that it would make their people lose their identity as the immigration of new inhabitants was on the rise thus they had to take action to combat the increasing number of the people.

Essay On Japan Atomic Bomb

The invention of atomic energy was a commendable finding and marked the most significant mile stone in the field of science and technology. However, this invention brought about several environmental and safety concerns among scientists as well as the general public. These concerns included the effects of nuclear energy on the environment and the capability that scientist had in containing or preventing terrorists from misusing this energy. As a result, the use of nuclear energy sources faced great opposition in several states. During warfare, the involved parties tend to overlook important values such as humanity an end up making decisions that are inclined towards specific concerns such as the supremacy of a state (Thomas, p.5). Even so warfare is not the best thing in resolving any existing conflicts among nations or people living in a society. This is because warfare involves huge and significant decisions that may have heavy implications on the lives of people both in the present and future.

Essay On Trade Unions

Back in the 19th century, trade unions were needed since they played an important role in the industrial sector of our country. They did so by negotiating better pay, work hours, benefits and safety standards for all workers (Martin, 1980). In doing so, both the employees as well as the employers benefited from trade unions. However, it is important to note that times have changed and this is no longer the case, therefore putting the need for trade unions in question. In the current situation, the employer is enlightened in regards to the labor laws in the country and makes efforts not to break them. In addition to this, the modern day employer knows how to motivate his employee and actively does so every day. Therefore, trade unions have a very small role to play in this situation since they in fact frustrate actions that are aimed at increasing productivity. Trade unions oppose benefits and rewards and become an obstacle in the increase of investment (Hartcourt & Wood, 2006). This paper will show the in the modern labor sector employers are making efforts to be more ethical, protect the rights of shareholders, as well as motivate their employees to work harder and be more productive. As such the strict practices of the trade unions have been deemed unnecessary.

Essay On Core American Values

The core American values are the standards by which all Americans use to distinguish what is desirable and what is not. These values are therefore judgments which are based on a cultural viewpoint. It is these values that are responsible for molding our personalities as well as our behavior. In the year 1970, Robin M. Williams, an American sociologist, identified ten American values that he believed were the most important. Out of these ten, I believe that the most important ones of the ten include Equal opportunity, progress, freedom, material comfort and finally democracy and enterprise.

Essay On Racism

Racism is the belief that abilities or characteristics attributed to a group of people is superior to that of others (Jackson & Weidman, 2004). Despite the advancement in globalisation, racism has been used as a powerful tool that encourage hatred and discrimination. Racial discrimination and prejudice has been a touchy issue in the current millennium (Hall, 2008). The term race is a powerful concept, which has been invented by the society fostering inequality and discrimination as well as influencing and affecting the human relations. The concept of racism begins with a common belief that people belong into distinct groups called races. These groupings have distinct physical traits with skin colour being the most defining factor (Jackson & Weidman, 2004). Racism can, therefore, be described as a form of prejudice in which people pre-judge one another basing on their colour. The only way that racism can be fought is understanding the concept of universality in which there is only one race. This paper is analytical in nature as it tries to explain what entails racism and the impacts of the social ill to the society (Jackson & Weidman, 2004).

Essay On Development of Nuclear Energy

Production of nuclear energy stands on the edge between the greatest hopes of humanity and its solemn fears of disasters in the future. It provides clean energy, an alternative that free the world from manacle of over dependence on depleting fossil fuels, such as gas, oil, and coal that are responsible for high levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It will also help eliminate the hunger for power and electricity and meet demands of electricity of the future. On the other hand, nuclear power calls for great disasters such as earthquakes caused by ruptured power plants. This wraps up that nuclear power production has a good side and the bad side, which restrict many countries from installing it.

Essay On Entrepreneurship Strategy

Saif Bin Darwish is a private construction company that is owned by the Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Group of Companies Building. Its main areas of operation involve construction, industrial manufacturing, mining, and metals. It also offers consultation on Civil engineering and electrical engineering projects to its clients. The firm has a qualified management, which has spearheaded the company to its success to date. It is based in Abu Dhabi. The management ensures that they have motivated workforce by treating the workers appropriately and heeding to their demands thus ensuring maximum productivity. The working environment is harsh thus; they have to motivate their workers by giving them some incentives to improve their performance like free lunches and accommodation.

Essay On Impact of Culture on Business Behavior

People living in certain regions adopt values and cultural practices that define their behavior and social interactions. There are norms that define how they act and relate with other people. Similarly, there is a specific chord of conduct in the corporate world that every investor or business person must conform to regardless of the scope or nature of his/her business. Since people adopt different practices and believes, there is great diversity in the behaviors that they presume to be ethical. From the above it is clear that culture has direct impact on ethical standards and business behavior.

Essay On Human Resource Management & Practice

Organizations call for the specialization of the roles conducted by the management in order for them to attain their goals both in the short term and otherwise. The specialization in the orientation of the management is dependent on the degree of how well suited a person is for a given job. Specialization is a means to the attainment of the goals of the company at the same time. Simultaneous attainment of the goals of the organization is an instrumental aspect in the determination of the competitiveness of the company and the ultimate survival. The main asset that most of the organizations have is the human resource. Effective management of this resource is one of the ways that organizations can use in the streamlining of the activities going on to the company agenda. This paper gives a difference between the human resource management and personnel management as specializations in the management of British Airways. This United Kingdom based airline has operations in Europe and outside the continent.