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Students aspiring to pursue and complete their Ph.D. need to develop the essential skill of dissertation writing. Dissertation writing requires detailed research resulting from the complexity of requirements in coming up with a topic, carrying out the preliminary study, providing a solution to new concepts, and supporting one’s proposal. The most crucial step in dissertation writing is identifying the research problem and the topic. The need to capture the reader’s attention calls for a very simple and precise subject. Ambiguity of any form is highly avoided with a clear outlined abstract and identification of the problem statement.

Different disciplines have varied structures of dissertation writing and students should follow their supervisor’s guidelines. A well thought out dissertation has its key focus on the problem and possible solutions to it. Effective drafted research on the subject forms an excellent foundation for findings. Dissertations should be well structured, coherent, logical and easy to follow. Prior planning goes a long way into helping students with their writing.

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Essay on Marketing & Promotion

The first promotion can be found at This is a website primarily dealing with the sale of cosmetics. The website owned by Purity Cosmetics Inc., a company that is rapidly growing in the cosmetics industry. One of the company’s flagship brands is known as 100% Pure which created products being marketed in the referenced promotion. Some of the products include creams, deodorants and lipsticks, which are all 100% natural according to the company. The promotion promises free gifts that include Acai Berry Face and Eye Creams for all customers who make orders that exceed $130. On the same webpage, the company promises to ship all orders for free so long as they exceed $50 purchase bulk. For purposes of efficiency, the site allows for one to create an account which will enable users or buyers to place an order and pay for the goods through a secure online system.

Essay on Human Resource Management

Human resource management is one of the most important activities in an organization. It is an activity that can give the organization a competitive advantage. It is the people who carry out all the other activities in an organization (Saiyadain, 2009). Therefore, if the activities are well executed, the organization will have a good performance, and if they do not execute them well, the organization will have a bad performance. In other words, the people are the once who determine the performance of an organization. The human resource managers have the responsibility of ensuring that the organization has the right people/employees and that they are always satisfied. This is because it is only when people are satisfied that they can be able to perform well. The current world is changing so rapidly, and, therefore, the management should be up to date with the changes so as to ensure that the organization does not lose its advantage.


AIDS the abbreviation for the acquired immunodeficiency syndrome is a life-threatening condition that is often caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). The HIV damages the immune systems, and it goes ahead to interfere with the ability of the body to fight pathogens that cause disease (Great Britain, 1994).

Essay On Psychology

Personality is a term that has been used to refer to a long-standing thinking patterns, behavior and feeling. Someone’s personality constantly displays the traits, for instance the person’s mood are described as showing the person’s overall personality (Miller, 2011). Someone’s personality is inclusive of traits such as, attitude, coping of styles which are developed throughout childhood and as well as adolescents. Personality could be thought of as consistent style that governs how you relate with others as well as the environment and develops as a result of both genetic and influences from environment (Keefe, 1999).

Essay On Submission of Psychological Profile as Evidence

The question regarding the admissibility of psychological profiling in a court of law is one that has sparked a long standing debate (Turvey, 2008). This is for quite a number of reasons that experts in psychology continue to point out. The psychological profile of an individual is a powerful tool that can be exploited both negatively as well as positively. I confer that due to the unstable nature of the effect of psychological evidence, it should not be allowed into evidence in a court of law.