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Different disciplines have varied structures of dissertation writing and students should follow their supervisor’s guidelines. A well thought out dissertation has its key focus on the problem and possible solutions to it. Effective drafted research on the subject forms an excellent foundation for findings. Dissertations should be well structured, coherent, logical and easy to follow. Prior planning goes a long way into helping students with their writing.

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Essay On Economics of Food & DIe

Obesity refers to a health condition in which fats accumulate in the body resulting to an adverse effect on the people. The condition exists because of the poor eating cultures that people adopt in the society. The shift of eating habits from the balanced diet to fast food is extremely alarming among children and teens. Suppliers of the foods in the market cannot bear the blame since they are only responding to the adjustments in the lives of consumers in the markets today. The growing situations in which children are mostly away from their parents make their markets viable for such activities. This makes the parents the people who bear most of the blame concerning the uprising food obesity among children in the United States of America. Parents contribute to the obese status of their children through various ways. They buy groceries that may lead children to poor eating habits in the course of their lives. They encourage poor habits such as watching programs that promote unhealthy consumption may not favor the development of a child. They also fail to nurture the culture of physical exercising. Through observation and interviews prompted ass the methodological techniques, obesity has been a matter of national emergency in the United States of America. Parents should encourage an efficient eating culture among their children.
Keywords: Health, Obesity, Habit, Culture, Consumption Rate

Essay On Climate Change

The Chicago Tribune 6/15/2050: Chicago locals complain of the shrinking size of Lake Michigan. The Chicago locals are worried about the state of one of the features that they so much identify with. Scientists claim that the intense shrinking of Lake Michigan could be closely associated to some of the Geographical changes that the area has experienced over time. So what exactly could the cause of the shrinking of Lake Michigan?

Essay On Role of Prophets

A prophet, from a religious perspective can be described as person through whom the lord used or rather uses so as to communicate his message concerning future events to the other people. A prophet from a traditional point of view can be said to be an individual that is contacted by divine or non-natural persons usually spirits. The major or the main purpose of the “prophet” in this case is to act as an intermediary between the two worlds which are the human physical world- the earth and the spiritual world. The spirits in this case use the prophet for the purpose of letting the other humans know of knowledge that can be said to be newly found. The message conveyed by the prophet is called a “prophecy”.