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Essay On Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street Movement was started on 11 September 2011 (Wetty, Bolton, Nayak, & Malone 2012, p.89). The founders were a group of people who demonstrated at the Lower Manhattan Liberty Square and camped on the naked concrete to present their complaints on the irregular pattern between the poor and the rich. This and the failure of president Obama to address the financial crisis of 2008, and the issue of money taking over politics was their frame of reference. The movement is power-driven by people with no defined and official set of stipulations which got stimulations and awakening from similar movements in Egypt and Tunisia (Wetty et al 2012, p. 114). Occupy Wall Street movement was a movement with no anticipated upshots and no identified basement. It operates on similar environment like other organizations trying to establish. Despite its lack of manifesto, occupy street movement attracted scholarly personalities and then real personalities. The commitments of the movement are to; make technology, knowledge and culture free to all to access, transform and share out.

Essay On Christian Catholic

The Roman Catholic is one of the oldest and largest religious organizations in the world. The church traces its origins to Jesus of Nazareth. Although Jesus was not the founder of the church, his twelve apostles whom he commissioned when ascending, were the spreaders of the gospel through preaching and teaching. The domination presupposes to be Christian. The Catholics like the Evangelical believe in incarnation, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The doctrine is based on the truth behind God’s revelation. Many critics of the religion argue that the doctrine adds its own biblical truth. For instance, the bible affirms the worship of The Holy Trinity, while the doctrine includes the divine adoration of Virgin Mary. This is by asking the Virgin Mary to pray for the sinners. This paper is an in depth analysis of Christian Catholic as a discourse.

Essay On Essay Morality and Fairy Tales

The concept of fairy tales and fantasy stories instructing good morals among the young is not a new concept in the current generation. The fairy tales feature characters such as goblins, ogre, elves and trolls which are used to pass the message to the audience. In the recent times, fairy tales have been classified as children literature and thus are used to impart good morals to children. Initially, the fairy tales were associated with adults since some of the plot was obscene for children (Zavlek, 34-67). Fairy tales were classified under oral tradition since they are narrated orally rather than being read from literary texts. They represented the literary richness of the society and were passed from one generation to the other. This illustrates that the oral tradition was highly conserved among the communities and thus, safeguarded for the good of the society. In most cases, the tales had a sad ending, which was a penalty of dealing with fairy folk (Zavlek, 34-67). The tales could be classified into various sub-genres such as adventure, romance, combat and those that talked about the society. The moral lesson and happy endings of most fairy tales was illustrated by the villain being punished.

Essay On Entrepreneurship Strategy

Saif Bin Darwish is a private construction company that is owned by the Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Group of Companies Building. Its main areas of operation involve construction, industrial manufacturing, mining, and metals. It also offers consultation on Civil engineering and electrical engineering projects to its clients. The firm has a qualified management, which has spearheaded the company to its success to date. It is based in Abu Dhabi. The management ensures that they have motivated workforce by treating the workers appropriately and heeding to their demands thus ensuring maximum productivity. The working environment is harsh thus; they have to motivate their workers by giving them some incentives to improve their performance like free lunches and accommodation.

Essay On Human Resource Management & Practice

Organizations call for the specialization of the roles conducted by the management in order for them to attain their goals both in the short term and otherwise. The specialization in the orientation of the management is dependent on the degree of how well suited a person is for a given job. Specialization is a means to the attainment of the goals of the company at the same time. Simultaneous attainment of the goals of the organization is an instrumental aspect in the determination of the competitiveness of the company and the ultimate survival. The main asset that most of the organizations have is the human resource. Effective management of this resource is one of the ways that organizations can use in the streamlining of the activities going on to the company agenda. This paper gives a difference between the human resource management and personnel management as specializations in the management of British Airways. This United Kingdom based airline has operations in Europe and outside the continent.

Essay On Ethical Dilemma

The subject for the following discussion is the case study on ethical dilemma in Shellington pharmaceuticals. In the case, there are a number of instances where employees are involved in unethical conduct while performing their duties. However, some of them hold high ranks and posses undisputable skills in their fields of practice. As evidenced from the response from the company’s president when he was questioned on the conduct of a particular employee, the company is ready to compromise some principles of ethics in order to retain certain personnel. Amidst several complaints concerning the conduct of a certain employee in the company, the company management has been relaxant in addressing the issue. Presumably, the skills portrayed by the employee are very high and the problems are solved in the course of duty even without serious intervention from the senior management. This essay focuses on a number of issues drawn from the case study on ethical dilemmas in Shellington pharmaceuticals. The first concern is to enumerate the visible cases of non-ethical behavior in the business environment as stipulated by the case study. This will be followed by a brief view of how leadership comes in addressing unethical business conduct and the effectiveness of the strategies used to address the problems. Last but not least, this essay will pay particular attention to some practical solutions to unethical business behavior that is favorable to all stakeholders in a business.

Essay On Economics of Food & DIe

Obesity refers to a health condition in which fats accumulate in the body resulting to an adverse effect on the people. The condition exists because of the poor eating cultures that people adopt in the society. The shift of eating habits from the balanced diet to fast food is extremely alarming among children and teens. Suppliers of the foods in the market cannot bear the blame since they are only responding to the adjustments in the lives of consumers in the markets today. The growing situations in which children are mostly away from their parents make their markets viable for such activities. This makes the parents the people who bear most of the blame concerning the uprising food obesity among children in the United States of America. Parents contribute to the obese status of their children through various ways. They buy groceries that may lead children to poor eating habits in the course of their lives. They encourage poor habits such as watching programs that promote unhealthy consumption may not favor the development of a child. They also fail to nurture the culture of physical exercising. Through observation and interviews prompted ass the methodological techniques, obesity has been a matter of national emergency in the United States of America. Parents should encourage an efficient eating culture among their children.
Keywords: Health, Obesity, Habit, Culture, Consumption Rate