Harvard Style Referenced Paper

Essay On 20th Century Design Bauhaus

The Bauhaus also known as the Staatliches Bauhaus was an art school situated in Germany that combined fine arts as well as the crafts. This school was significantly famous for the move towards design which it both taught and publicized[ Crouch, Christopher, Modernism in Art Design and Architecture, (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000), p. 63. ]. The Bauhaus school which means ‘building house’ was initially founded by Walter Groupius in 1919 at Weimar. The term Bauhaus means, “house of construction” and was founded with the notion of “total” work of art.

Essay On Diversity

Diversity is extremely important in the field of the forensic psychologist. This is because there are times when involuntary therapy might be needed, and this attracts different types of people with diverse cultures (American Psychological Association, 2002). Therefore, it is important for a forensic psychologist to understand that there is a need to be sensitive to the culture of the individual.

Essay on Moral Relativism v. Moral absolutism

Dan: I have come to believe that despite the situation, there are actions that are right or wrong. There are no two ways about it and, therefore, it is important for one not to try and pin situation for the situation. Society has over the years been grappled with the fear that a situation might make something that is right when it is wrong. It is important to understand that indeed morals are inherent in some fundamentals sources such as nature and God.
Tom: I tend to disagree with you Dan; I believe that the situation is the most important and, in fact, moral relativism is the way to understand morals. It will be completely ignorant to state that morals are inherent in us; this is because they are not. There have been different cultures that have existed and each of them often has a standpoint that is uniquely different than others. Therefore, it would be difficult for all the different societies to look at the situation in the same manner. That is the reason as to why there are behaviors that are considered to be deviant in one society but in another they are perfectly normal.

Essay on Importance of Freedom

Peterson: I have come to believe that indeed freedom is extremely important in our society. Freedom is more important than the law. In fact, I can argue that indeed laws are useless without freedom. For example, John, image that you did not have freedom at all and you had no way to obtain it. Without freedom, anybody can use you for anything; therefore, in such a case the law is useless to you. The law exists to sustain freedom, the protected which is freedom is more important than the protector that is the law.

Essay On the US Administration

When Franklin Roosevelt entered office on March 4, 1933, United States was in its worst recession, in its history. It s critical to understand that indeed the Presidential election campaign of November, 1932 took place under the backdrop of one of the most severe economic depressions to ever occur in American History. It is critical to recognize that although the Republican President Herbert Hoover was personally blamed for not decisively failing to deal with the consequence of the wall street crash that occurred in October 1929, the Democratic candidate, Franklin D. Roosevelt declared what is what he described as ‘a new deal for the American people .

Essay on Combating Terrorism

Terrorism continues to be an ugly scar on the face of the earth that no form of reconstructive surgery can as yet repair. The effects of terrorism, both physical and psychological, continue to plague the fabric of our society (Makarychev, Orttung, 2006). However, all is not lost in the fight against global terrorism. It is still possible to lift ourselves out of the abyss in which terrorism continues to hold the world hostage.

Essay On Formal Analysis

The form of art I used for this image is photography while the medium of work applied is I phone 5.I took the picture from a ground level. The photo is approximately 8.6 inches long 6.5 inches wide. It is two dimensional because its elements are organized on a flat surface emphasizing on the vertical and horizontal character of the picture plane that is the length and the width, I created illusion of three dimension by enhancing the depth of the picture through the use overlapping objects ,color variation, the use of diminishing scale, and creation of focus whereby objects that have more intense color, detail and even contrast look closer in comparison with objects that are further away and which appear to be hazy.

Essay On Fast Foods

Fast food are those types of foods are easy to prepare thus can be served within a short time. The foods are also known as junk food and are so popular among young people as most of them are very tasty and do not cost much. However, the ingredients that are used to make fast foods are not nutritious at all. They comprise of high fat meat, sugars and fats, refined grains among others. Many fast foods have a high concentration of sodium and cholesterol compounds, which are unhealthy to the body thus their intake ought to be regulated. The fast food industry has been observed to be one of the fast growing industries in various economies thus it is crucial to ascertain the reason for the tremendous growth, the health risks and the possible solutions.

Essay On Tokyo & Climate Change

Tokyo is an industrial city located in the flood plains of three rivers namely Sumida, Ara and Edo rivers all found in the Kanto region. A large part of Tokyo is located in the below the levels of the rivers thus is greatly by the floods that take place due to the heavy precipitation that occurs during the rainy season. The intensity of the floods is aggravated since Japan is a highly mountainous place thus leading to the increase in water pressure of the rivers flowing in the lowland regions. The human activities in Japan have led to the heat island effects, which is now progressing fast. The strange weather phenomena due to the climate change in Japan are characterized by increased sea levels, heat waves, drought and the melting of glaciers and Arctic ice (C40 CITIES nd.).