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Essay On Racism

Racism is the belief that abilities or characteristics attributed to a group of people is superior to that of others (Jackson & Weidman, 2004). Despite the advancement in globalisation, racism has been used as a powerful tool that encourage hatred and discrimination. Racial discrimination and prejudice has been a touchy issue in the current millennium (Hall, 2008). The term race is a powerful concept, which has been invented by the society fostering inequality and discrimination as well as influencing and affecting the human relations. The concept of racism begins with a common belief that people belong into distinct groups called races. These groupings have distinct physical traits with skin colour being the most defining factor (Jackson & Weidman, 2004). Racism can, therefore, be described as a form of prejudice in which people pre-judge one another basing on their colour. The only way that racism can be fought is understanding the concept of universality in which there is only one race. This paper is analytical in nature as it tries to explain what entails racism and the impacts of the social ill to the society (Jackson & Weidman, 2004).

Essay On Medication

The current society has accepted the common norm that medication is the immediate solution for problems faced. We live in a society where stressful conditions are normal in life. These conditions shape how we react and live. They also determine the approach of one to life. The stresses that people face in normal life process defines their emotions. The emotions we feel are of the physical aspect or psychological manifestations. They serve as indicators of how life is fairing. On the positive side emotions keep us on the track by ensuring that life is guarded by different, but independent faculties of thought, memory and reason. In most difficult moments, life is characterized by different state of sadness for instance when we lose our loved ones. In such situations, a person may experience lack of sleep, and as aforementioned, people find refuge in medications. This essay agrees with Ted Gup assertion, which states that emotions should be experienced rather than diagnosed or medicated.

Essay On Christian Catholic

The Roman Catholic is one of the oldest and largest religious organizations in the world. The church traces its origins to Jesus of Nazareth. Although Jesus was not the founder of the church, his twelve apostles whom he commissioned when ascending, were the spreaders of the gospel through preaching and teaching. The domination presupposes to be Christian. The Catholics like the Evangelical believe in incarnation, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The doctrine is based on the truth behind God’s revelation. Many critics of the religion argue that the doctrine adds its own biblical truth. For instance, the bible affirms the worship of The Holy Trinity, while the doctrine includes the divine adoration of Virgin Mary. This is by asking the Virgin Mary to pray for the sinners. This paper is an in depth analysis of Christian Catholic as a discourse.

Essay On Childhood Depression

Children behave differently due to a myriad of reasons (Miller, 2010). Some of the child behavior problems include aggression such as throwing tantrums, poor socialization or being introverts, refusing to pay attention to others while talking and physical assault. In most cases, child behavior is influenced by family background (Douglas, 1989). In this case, the parent should take full responsibility of the child at home in order to curb such behavior. Children who reign from divorced families experience distorted behavior (Matheson & Matheson, 2000). This is mainly due to the lack of affection from either of the parent. Inappropriate behavior in the classroom contributes largely to the disruption of the learning process (Douglas, 1989). Childhood behavior may escalate to levels that are intolerable. There are several root causes of child misbehavior which reflect in the classroom environment (Miller, 2010). This paper is an in-depth analysis of childhood misbehavior and what contributes to the deviance. The paper also examines the appropriate strategies that will help to combat the behavior.

Essay On Entrepreneurship Strategy

Saif Bin Darwish is a private construction company that is owned by the Darwish Bin Ahmed & Sons Group of Companies Building. Its main areas of operation involve construction, industrial manufacturing, mining, and metals. It also offers consultation on Civil engineering and electrical engineering projects to its clients. The firm has a qualified management, which has spearheaded the company to its success to date. It is based in Abu Dhabi. The management ensures that they have motivated workforce by treating the workers appropriately and heeding to their demands thus ensuring maximum productivity. The working environment is harsh thus; they have to motivate their workers by giving them some incentives to improve their performance like free lunches and accommodation.

Essay On Gender and Division of Labour

A global dis-course of human rights and increased focus of State interventions on feminism has resulted to its re-shape. Women’s rights are now considered human rights and feminists activity has turned away from being viewed as an autonomous separatists group and has been mainstreamed into the society and the state This is as a result of the transition in the gender regime and globalization. Globalization has facilitated development of new institutions, spaces and an increase in the use of rhetoric where human rights are a powerful justificatory principle. It has increased the political and economic opportunities and resources available to women. In the past, division of labour was absolute: women worked in the private and unpaid sphere and men in the public sphere. However, a call by liberal feminist to women has increased their entry into the public sphere and paid workforce. Changes in the gender division of labour have however, been observed (Allison, 2002, p.33)

Essay On Food & Culture

In the course of my studies, I have been privileged to encounter quite a number of cuisines that come from all over the world. I have had the opportunity to not only sample but learn to cook as well, some of the best cuisines in this world. I learnt that French cuisine, one of the many cuisines that I have experienced, pays a great deal of attention to cheese, wine and bread that all play a vital role in the French cuisine. The French are also keen on flavors and perhaps that is why they prefer to put ingredients such as wine in their food.
Another cuisine that is entirely based on culture is the Italian cuisine. This particular cuisine is primarily centered on simplicity. The Italian cuisine is known to be very simple and most dishes only spot up to four ingredients. The Italian culture pays special attention to the quality of the ingredients as well. Some of the min ingredients in this cuisine include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, maize and wheat based foods such as pasta

Essay On Civil Rights Act

No matter how right it may appear, liberating a person who has been hobbled by chains and expecting him to compete equally with others is completely unfair (Lyndon Johnson, 1965). There is need to empower such a person by creating a favourable environment for him to compete effectively. The civil rights act 1964 was created to respond to the constitutional question on whether the constitution’s prohibition of denying equal protection guaranteed banning of the use of racial, ethnic or gender criteria in the attempt to bring justice.

Essay On Tokyo Trials

At the end of World War II, the eleven countries which formed the Allied Powers (Australia, Canada, China, Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, France, India and the United States) indicted and prosecuted military, political and diplomatic leaders on account of crimes against humanity and War crimes that were carried out in Southeast Asia between the years 1928-1945[ A C Brackman, The Other Nuremberg: The Untold Story of the Tokyo War Crimes Trials ( Morrow, New York 1987)76]. The trials were coined Tokyo trials since the proceedings took place in the city. The trials stood alongside Nuremberg Trials since they contributed to International law. This trial lasted longer than the former Nuremberg Trials. The idea of prosecuting the war leaders on crimes against humanity was generated late after the war
[ A C Brackman, The Other Nuremberg: The Untold Story of the Tokyo War Crimes Trials ( Morrow, New York 1987)43]

Essay on Mobile Devices & Cyber Security

The innovation in the modern society has affected the way we communicate and fundamentally influenced the business world (Business wire, 2012). It has reached a point of no return since dependence on these technologies and the critical support provided by the same has led to effective interaction and easy access to voluminous data from private and public clouds (Collins, 2013). Benefits such as e-commerce, revenue streams and social media companies would not be in existence without appropriate infrastructure (Drew, 2012). The ubiquitous technology has its downside. The vicious problem experienced by mobility is the vulnerability to cyber-attacks. These attacks compromise the security of most companies and are designed to siphon cash from companies, create interruptions in corporate world or access data of high sensitivity. This is a literature review that seeks to understand the impacts of evolving technologies such as mobile devices on cybersecurity and the strategies that may help in defending against the varied nature of cyber warfare weapons (Kaplan, Sharma & Weinberg, 2011).