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Essay On Formal Analysis

The form of art I used for this image is photography while the medium of work applied is I phone 5.I took the picture from a ground level. The photo is approximately 8.6 inches long 6.5 inches wide. It is two dimensional because its elements are organized on a flat surface emphasizing on the vertical and horizontal character of the picture plane that is the length and the width, I created illusion of three dimension by enhancing the depth of the picture through the use overlapping objects ,color variation, the use of diminishing scale, and creation of focus whereby objects that have more intense color, detail and even contrast look closer in comparison with objects that are further away and which appear to be hazy.

Essay On Fast Foods

Fast food are those types of foods are easy to prepare thus can be served within a short time. The foods are also known as junk food and are so popular among young people as most of them are very tasty and do not cost much. However, the ingredients that are used to make fast foods are not nutritious at all. They comprise of high fat meat, sugars and fats, refined grains among others. Many fast foods have a high concentration of sodium and cholesterol compounds, which are unhealthy to the body thus their intake ought to be regulated. The fast food industry has been observed to be one of the fast growing industries in various economies thus it is crucial to ascertain the reason for the tremendous growth, the health risks and the possible solutions.

Essay On Israel Palestine Conflict

Palestine, which was known as the land of the Canaanites, came to being from the interaction of the local and the philistines who originated from the island of Crete. The locals and the foreigners intermarried bringing into being the word Palestine. The Palestinian Arabs lived traditional lives socially and politically thus the Zionist invasion greatly corrupted their way of life. The Palestinian Arabs were the first contenders in the fight against the Zionist invasion in their land. The Palestinian Arabs are Muslims who tend to rebel against the introduction of the new religion as they felt that it would make their people lose their identity as the immigration of new inhabitants was on the rise thus they had to take action to combat the increasing number of the people.

Essay On Japan Atomic Bomb

The invention of atomic energy was a commendable finding and marked the most significant mile stone in the field of science and technology. However, this invention brought about several environmental and safety concerns among scientists as well as the general public. These concerns included the effects of nuclear energy on the environment and the capability that scientist had in containing or preventing terrorists from misusing this energy. As a result, the use of nuclear energy sources faced great opposition in several states. During warfare, the involved parties tend to overlook important values such as humanity an end up making decisions that are inclined towards specific concerns such as the supremacy of a state (Thomas, p.5). Even so warfare is not the best thing in resolving any existing conflicts among nations or people living in a society. This is because warfare involves huge and significant decisions that may have heavy implications on the lives of people both in the present and future.

Essay On Yang Fudong

Art and works of art present an explicit channel through which people can express their thought and apply creativity in coming up with decorative drawing, writing or designs. Photography is a major field in art related ventures that is highly exploited in different regions all over the world. Just like any other works of art photography in an in-grown skill and the craftiness of the photography is essential in determining the quality of a photograph. In this essay we shall focus on Yang Fudong as the central reference in reviewing different aspects or art. In addition, we shall focus on the location; explore some details concerning the nature of photographs and why his work of art is significant.

Essay On Curriculum Director Interview

1.What is the role of your position in the school?
2.Briefly tell us your educational background
3.What is your professional background in director position?
4.To what extent do you oversee the delivery of the curriculum in the school?
5.What experiences have you had as the current holder of the office?
6.What is your number one priority as the current holder of the office?
7.What personal ethics, values and qualities do you uphold?
8.How do you relate well with the school mission and vision?

Essay On Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street Movement was started on 11 September 2011 (Wetty, Bolton, Nayak, & Malone 2012, p.89). The founders were a group of people who demonstrated at the Lower Manhattan Liberty Square and camped on the naked concrete to present their complaints on the irregular pattern between the poor and the rich. This and the failure of president Obama to address the financial crisis of 2008, and the issue of money taking over politics was their frame of reference. The movement is power-driven by people with no defined and official set of stipulations which got stimulations and awakening from similar movements in Egypt and Tunisia (Wetty et al 2012, p. 114). Occupy Wall Street movement was a movement with no anticipated upshots and no identified basement. It operates on similar environment like other organizations trying to establish. Despite its lack of manifesto, occupy street movement attracted scholarly personalities and then real personalities. The commitments of the movement are to; make technology, knowledge and culture free to all to access, transform and share out.

Essay On Business Groups & Impacts

Business groups are interest groups that consist of individuals who share common interests and therefore make efforts to work together and promote those interests by influencing government decisions. These groups vary to a great extent in terms of size, tactics as well as aims. Business groups are economic interest groups since their main objective is to achieve economic advantages for their members (Needle, 2010, p.117). In other words, economic groups work towards the achievement of private goods, which are essentially benefits which are enjoyed by members of the group exclusively. For instance, if a business group enters into a contract, only members of the group benefit from the contract while non members are not considered. As compared to other interest groups, business groups are the most powerful. This conclusion can be drawn due to a number of reasons, which will be discussed in this paper.

Essay On Core American Values

The core American values are the standards by which all Americans use to distinguish what is desirable and what is not. These values are therefore judgments which are based on a cultural viewpoint. It is these values that are responsible for molding our personalities as well as our behavior. In the year 1970, Robin M. Williams, an American sociologist, identified ten American values that he believed were the most important. Out of these ten, I believe that the most important ones of the ten include Equal opportunity, progress, freedom, material comfort and finally democracy and enterprise.

Essay On Allocation of Resources

In last phases of the twentieth century, economist who belonged to the self-interest school of thought expounded how invisible was controlling the economic behaviour. This idea currently underpins the structural components of the rational market, which is free of coercions and constraints[ Mankiw, N. Gregory, and Robert B. Harris. Principles of Microeconomics. Fort Worth, TX.: Dryden Press, 1998.