Psychology Research Paper

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Essay On Core American Values

The core American values are the standards by which all Americans use to distinguish what is desirable and what is not. These values are therefore judgments which are based on a cultural viewpoint. It is these values that are responsible for molding our personalities as well as our behavior. In the year 1970, Robin M. Williams, an American sociologist, identified ten American values that he believed were the most important. Out of these ten, I believe that the most important ones of the ten include Equal opportunity, progress, freedom, material comfort and finally democracy and enterprise.

Essay On Racism

Racism is the belief that abilities or characteristics attributed to a group of people is superior to that of others (Jackson & Weidman, 2004). Despite the advancement in globalisation, racism has been used as a powerful tool that encourage hatred and discrimination. Racial discrimination and prejudice has been a touchy issue in the current millennium (Hall, 2008). The term race is a powerful concept, which has been invented by the society fostering inequality and discrimination as well as influencing and affecting the human relations. The concept of racism begins with a common belief that people belong into distinct groups called races. These groupings have distinct physical traits with skin colour being the most defining factor (Jackson & Weidman, 2004). Racism can, therefore, be described as a form of prejudice in which people pre-judge one another basing on their colour. The only way that racism can be fought is understanding the concept of universality in which there is only one race. This paper is analytical in nature as it tries to explain what entails racism and the impacts of the social ill to the society (Jackson & Weidman, 2004).

Essay On Essay Morality and Fairy Tales

The concept of fairy tales and fantasy stories instructing good morals among the young is not a new concept in the current generation. The fairy tales feature characters such as goblins, ogre, elves and trolls which are used to pass the message to the audience. In the recent times, fairy tales have been classified as children literature and thus are used to impart good morals to children. Initially, the fairy tales were associated with adults since some of the plot was obscene for children (Zavlek, 34-67). Fairy tales were classified under oral tradition since they are narrated orally rather than being read from literary texts. They represented the literary richness of the society and were passed from one generation to the other. This illustrates that the oral tradition was highly conserved among the communities and thus, safeguarded for the good of the society. In most cases, the tales had a sad ending, which was a penalty of dealing with fairy folk (Zavlek, 34-67). The tales could be classified into various sub-genres such as adventure, romance, combat and those that talked about the society. The moral lesson and happy endings of most fairy tales was illustrated by the villain being punished.

Essay On Gender and Division of Labour

A global dis-course of human rights and increased focus of State interventions on feminism has resulted to its re-shape. Women’s rights are now considered human rights and feminists activity has turned away from being viewed as an autonomous separatists group and has been mainstreamed into the society and the state This is as a result of the transition in the gender regime and globalization. Globalization has facilitated development of new institutions, spaces and an increase in the use of rhetoric where human rights are a powerful justificatory principle. It has increased the political and economic opportunities and resources available to women. In the past, division of labour was absolute: women worked in the private and unpaid sphere and men in the public sphere. However, a call by liberal feminist to women has increased their entry into the public sphere and paid workforce. Changes in the gender division of labour have however, been observed (Allison, 2002, p.33)

Essay On Food & Culture

In the course of my studies, I have been privileged to encounter quite a number of cuisines that come from all over the world. I have had the opportunity to not only sample but learn to cook as well, some of the best cuisines in this world. I learnt that French cuisine, one of the many cuisines that I have experienced, pays a great deal of attention to cheese, wine and bread that all play a vital role in the French cuisine. The French are also keen on flavors and perhaps that is why they prefer to put ingredients such as wine in their food.
Another cuisine that is entirely based on culture is the Italian cuisine. This particular cuisine is primarily centered on simplicity. The Italian cuisine is known to be very simple and most dishes only spot up to four ingredients. The Italian culture pays special attention to the quality of the ingredients as well. Some of the min ingredients in this cuisine include potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, maize and wheat based foods such as pasta

Essay On Ethical Dilemma

The subject for the following discussion is the case study on ethical dilemma in Shellington pharmaceuticals. In the case, there are a number of instances where employees are involved in unethical conduct while performing their duties. However, some of them hold high ranks and posses undisputable skills in their fields of practice. As evidenced from the response from the company’s president when he was questioned on the conduct of a particular employee, the company is ready to compromise some principles of ethics in order to retain certain personnel. Amidst several complaints concerning the conduct of a certain employee in the company, the company management has been relaxant in addressing the issue. Presumably, the skills portrayed by the employee are very high and the problems are solved in the course of duty even without serious intervention from the senior management. This essay focuses on a number of issues drawn from the case study on ethical dilemmas in Shellington pharmaceuticals. The first concern is to enumerate the visible cases of non-ethical behavior in the business environment as stipulated by the case study. This will be followed by a brief view of how leadership comes in addressing unethical business conduct and the effectiveness of the strategies used to address the problems. Last but not least, this essay will pay particular attention to some practical solutions to unethical business behavior that is favorable to all stakeholders in a business.

Essay On Role of Prophets

A prophet, from a religious perspective can be described as person through whom the lord used or rather uses so as to communicate his message concerning future events to the other people. A prophet from a traditional point of view can be said to be an individual that is contacted by divine or non-natural persons usually spirits. The major or the main purpose of the “prophet” in this case is to act as an intermediary between the two worlds which are the human physical world- the earth and the spiritual world. The spirits in this case use the prophet for the purpose of letting the other humans know of knowledge that can be said to be newly found. The message conveyed by the prophet is called a “prophecy”.