Academic Writing

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Essay On Mathematics

Mathematical inquiry can frequently lead to a jungle of exclusive questions and problems. The field of number theory has a wide assortment of some of these mathematical creatures. These problems may seem to be a bit easy, but they still remain to be dormant for many years with small signs of progress. One such problem is the conjecture of odd perfect numbers for centuries with escaped proof. Perfect numbers are integers that are positive, which denotes their proper divisors sum.  For example, 6 is said to be a perfect number, as its proper divisors sum is 1, 2, and 3. If $ 2^p- 1$ is prime, given that $p$ is prime, then we can state that $2^ {p-1} (2^p-1) $ is a perfect number (Fine, & Rosenberger, 2007).

Essay On Purpose of Higher Education

In my opinion, higher education may be defined as the final level of formal learning that follows high school. It is usually optional and is offered at universities, colleges and academies. Article 13 of the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights provides that higher education should be made accessible to all using the appropriate means. Therefore, those who have qualified to pursue higher learning should be availed the opportunity so that they can explore the options before achieving their goals.

Essay On Fast Foods

Fast food are those types of foods are easy to prepare thus can be served within a short time. The foods are also known as junk food and are so popular among young people as most of them are very tasty and do not cost much. However, the ingredients that are used to make fast foods are not nutritious at all. They comprise of high fat meat, sugars and fats, refined grains among others. Many fast foods have a high concentration of sodium and cholesterol compounds, which are unhealthy to the body thus their intake ought to be regulated. The fast food industry has been observed to be one of the fast growing industries in various economies thus it is crucial to ascertain the reason for the tremendous growth, the health risks and the possible solutions.

Essay On Yang Fudong

Art and works of art present an explicit channel through which people can express their thought and apply creativity in coming up with decorative drawing, writing or designs. Photography is a major field in art related ventures that is highly exploited in different regions all over the world. Just like any other works of art photography in an in-grown skill and the craftiness of the photography is essential in determining the quality of a photograph. In this essay we shall focus on Yang Fudong as the central reference in reviewing different aspects or art. In addition, we shall focus on the location; explore some details concerning the nature of photographs and why his work of art is significant.

Essay On Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street Movement was started on 11 September 2011 (Wetty, Bolton, Nayak, & Malone 2012, p.89). The founders were a group of people who demonstrated at the Lower Manhattan Liberty Square and camped on the naked concrete to present their complaints on the irregular pattern between the poor and the rich. This and the failure of president Obama to address the financial crisis of 2008, and the issue of money taking over politics was their frame of reference. The movement is power-driven by people with no defined and official set of stipulations which got stimulations and awakening from similar movements in Egypt and Tunisia (Wetty et al 2012, p. 114). Occupy Wall Street movement was a movement with no anticipated upshots and no identified basement. It operates on similar environment like other organizations trying to establish. Despite its lack of manifesto, occupy street movement attracted scholarly personalities and then real personalities. The commitments of the movement are to; make technology, knowledge and culture free to all to access, transform and share out.

Essay On Trade Unions

Back in the 19th century, trade unions were needed since they played an important role in the industrial sector of our country. They did so by negotiating better pay, work hours, benefits and safety standards for all workers (Martin, 1980). In doing so, both the employees as well as the employers benefited from trade unions. However, it is important to note that times have changed and this is no longer the case, therefore putting the need for trade unions in question. In the current situation, the employer is enlightened in regards to the labor laws in the country and makes efforts not to break them. In addition to this, the modern day employer knows how to motivate his employee and actively does so every day. Therefore, trade unions have a very small role to play in this situation since they in fact frustrate actions that are aimed at increasing productivity. Trade unions oppose benefits and rewards and become an obstacle in the increase of investment (Hartcourt & Wood, 2006). This paper will show the in the modern labor sector employers are making efforts to be more ethical, protect the rights of shareholders, as well as motivate their employees to work harder and be more productive. As such the strict practices of the trade unions have been deemed unnecessary.

Essay On Allocation of Resources

In last phases of the twentieth century, economist who belonged to the self-interest school of thought expounded how invisible was controlling the economic behaviour. This idea currently underpins the structural components of the rational market, which is free of coercions and constraints[ Mankiw, N. Gregory, and Robert B. Harris. Principles of Microeconomics. Fort Worth, TX.: Dryden Press, 1998.

Essay On Medication

The current society has accepted the common norm that medication is the immediate solution for problems faced. We live in a society where stressful conditions are normal in life. These conditions shape how we react and live. They also determine the approach of one to life. The stresses that people face in normal life process defines their emotions. The emotions we feel are of the physical aspect or psychological manifestations. They serve as indicators of how life is fairing. On the positive side emotions keep us on the track by ensuring that life is guarded by different, but independent faculties of thought, memory and reason. In most difficult moments, life is characterized by different state of sadness for instance when we lose our loved ones. In such situations, a person may experience lack of sleep, and as aforementioned, people find refuge in medications. This essay agrees with Ted Gup assertion, which states that emotions should be experienced rather than diagnosed or medicated.

Essay On Choic History

Marcus Tullius Cicero was born on the 3rd January 106 B.C.E. He was also known as Tully. He reigned from a small town known as Arpinum which is located on south-eastern part of Rome (Boardman, Griffin & Murray 45-67). The actual meaning of Cicero is chickpea and originated from one of his ancestor who had a wart that resembled a chickpea. In Rome, Cicero studied philosophy, law and literature. In his time, Cicero was an important statesman but he was famously known as an author. His life was faced with a lot of dramatic turns. The great body of his writings including the personal correspondence forms the central interest of his life. He was widely associated with republican or aristocratic party in Rome. He was also an important leader in the era of Pompey and Julius Ceaser. In his time, he was vocal of ideals and objected tyranny. His principles opposed corruption and bureaucracy. This paper tries to give an account of Cicero and the influences he had in his time and the extension in the modern times.

Essay On Christian Catholic

The Roman Catholic is one of the oldest and largest religious organizations in the world. The church traces its origins to Jesus of Nazareth. Although Jesus was not the founder of the church, his twelve apostles whom he commissioned when ascending, were the spreaders of the gospel through preaching and teaching. The domination presupposes to be Christian. The Catholics like the Evangelical believe in incarnation, death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The doctrine is based on the truth behind God’s revelation. Many critics of the religion argue that the doctrine adds its own biblical truth. For instance, the bible affirms the worship of The Holy Trinity, while the doctrine includes the divine adoration of Virgin Mary. This is by asking the Virgin Mary to pray for the sinners. This paper is an in depth analysis of Christian Catholic as a discourse.