APA Style Paper

APA (American Psychological Association) formatting style is mainly used in social sciences and education related fields. Formatting of academic papers utilizes different writing styles with specific guidelines that consist of varied presentations. APA style papers consist of four major sections; title page, abstract, main body and the references page. Students are required to follow specific guidelines outlined by their professors in writing academic papers. The most common points to note include:


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1-inch margins on a standard-sized paper (8.5" x 11") for all sides.

Font size of 12-pt and Times New Roman

Double spacing throughout the paper

Flush left alignment

Running heads are included at the top of each page of your article.

Proper pagination on the right corner of each page.


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Essay On Martial bernal’s “black Athena”

This article defends the work of Martial Bernal against the criticism and accusations brought against him. This article is based on the religions of different cultures and how they relate to each other. Criticism, individualism and at times tribalism are the major dominants among the African tribes. The subject matter of the article on the different approaches to myths and misconceptions relate to the African myths of different tribes. Most African tribes believe in the blessings from the ancestors. Serious criticism cannot be avoided because of Bernal’s lack of methods. He had the tendency of conflicting cultures, language and somatic type. He had an obsession with origins, and had a different approach to myths. In the article “Black Athena”,

Essay On Catastrophe of Man, Nature & Climate Change

Author Elizabeth Kolbert was a journalist for the New York Times. Her earlier articles on climate change during her years as an investigative journalist led her to do more research on the controversial and real topic of Global warming. Her book, titled: Field Notes from a catastrophe: Man, Nature and Climate change goes into precise details on her research and experiences on the adverse issues of global warming. The book’s prose contains physio-geographical speak of climate change and its degenerative repercussions from region to region. The theme is fragmented into distinct views of the interaction between man and nature and the existing break-off (Kolbert, 2007).

Essay On History of Fighter Aircraft, Development and use

It is important to understand that the newly invented airplane entered World War, I as an observer of the enemy activity. The importance of the information that was gathered by his new technological innovation was made evident to all the persons in the opening days of the world conflict. The French were the first when it came to the developing of an effective solution. On April the 1st 1915, a French pilot took to the air in an airplane and was armed with a machine gun that fired through its propeller.

Essay On Gay Adoption

Gay rights have been varying over time in the USA. They also vary from one state to another. Gay right evolution has been through LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexual, and transgender) advocated issues. Different states have set different age limits for consenting adults to engage in sexual relationships (Layton, 2010).

Essay On King Lear

King Lear by William Shakespeare is a tragic tale involving personal transformation, filial conflict, and loss. The story is majorly based on the king who foolishly sidelines his only truly devoted daughter then realizes the true nature of his other two daughters when it is too late.

Essay On Tobacco Smoking

Tobacco smoking is one of the practices in the society that has been lauded by many while being opposed by equally as many proponents. The legality of the practice makes it more acceptable. The foundation of the major tobacco producers coupled with ambitious marketing procedures has led to the massive acceptance of the practice (Egendorf, 47-82).

Essay On Self Motivation

Business leaders and managers on virtually every level agree that there is a need to keep the work environment motivated as well as productive. It is critical to understand that indeed what drives one person might be different from what drives another. There are several people that are often motivated by the belief that their job is secure and a reassurance that their work will not become hard.

Essay on Contemporary ethics

It is critical to note that when it comes to installing ethical code in practice, it has always all been about the observance and preserving social standards, and morality in different practices for the benefit of the individual fields. There have been several developments in history that have shaped the contemporary ethical society, and they have instituted professional behavior.