Free MLA Style Paper Samples & Outline

MLA known as the Modern Language Association style is used in formatting academic papers in liberal arts and humanities fields of study. It comprises of specific guidelines within a specially defined format. Sources are referenced through parenthetical citation with a work cited page at the end of the essay. This precise referencing gives MLA papers credibility and authenticity of content as citations require page numbers from source materials. When you buy a research paper at our company, the general guidelines for MLA style papers include;

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1-inch margins on standard paper for all sides.
Font size of 12-pt and Times New Roman
Double spaced with a 12-pt font size and a legible font (e.g. Times New Roman).
One half-inch indentions for paragraphs from the left margin.
Headers consisting of your surname and page numbers are written on the upper right-hand corner.
Proper pagination on the right corner of each page.

MLA style papers do not have title pages unless otherwise directed or requested. The author’s, name, instructor’s name, course, and date are listed on the upper left-hand corner of the first page. recognizes and relates to the predicament students go through in completing assignments and are ready to offer help. Particularly MLA style papers need a lot of attention in following guidelines to achieve quality. Most writers promising good work are characterized by low quality, plagiarized work with a lot of grammatical mistakes.

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Essay On Social Proof

The objective of this paper is to examine social proof, which is one of the psychological principles of human behavior. The paper will examine the situations in which this psychological principle is applied. It will also explain the principle of social proof from an historical perspective.

Essay On Interoperability

Interoperability describes the extent to which different systems and devices can be able to exchange and interpret shared data. It is critical to understand that for two systems to be interoperable there is a need for them to be able to exchange data effectively and subsequently present the data in a manner that can be well understood by the user (Benson, 2010).

Essay On India

India has been in recent years been considered as a prime country for outsourcing labor by most international companies because of its lower wages. Further, this might also be because of the cultural characteristics of Indians which can be said to favor most industries as there are long working hours with decreased wages as compared to most developed countries (Kobayashi-Hillary, 2005, p.56)

Essay on Importance of Change

It is important to note that change is stressful, and, therefore, whether good or bad it often adds tension to any office. The introduction of new technology often changes the way the staff at an organization can be able to access information as well as manage information. It is critical to understand that indeed success when it comes to using technology tools is often driven by user attitude (Drucker, 1995). Therefore, it is important to note that indeed the users who want to reach out, and the people that feel informed as well as involved are often committed to both timeliness as well as quality. Therefore, to introduce new technology there is a need to prepare the employees of the company, there is a need to keep it the technology simple (Grogger & Karoly, 2005).

Essay on Moral Justification for War

Most wars often result from a combination of several different and diverse causes. Three of the most causes of conflicts are over resources, struggles for power, and clashing ideologies. The conflict over resources can be argued as the most basic as well as the most enduring cause of war. The resources often include land, energy sources as well as important geographic features.
Wars are not a stranger to humans; it is critical to understand to note that indeed wars have been fought since human beings have existed. However, the main issue that will be discussed in this paper is whether indeed there exists a moral justification for war. This paper argues that indeed there is a proper justification and that there are times when war is the only choice on the table, and it should be carried out in order to ensure that the greater good prevails in the world.

Essay On Low-cost strategy and Differentiation

The low-cost strategy can be described as a pricing strategy where a company offers a low price to stimulate demand as well as gain market share. It is important to understand that it is often usually employed where the product has few or even no competitive advantage, and where the economies of scale are achievable, and there is the presence of higher production volumes (Jayaswal, 2009). To use the low-cost strategy, a company should be able to have a thorough understanding of costs and how the company can be able to reduce them. “The company should be willing to standardize all its offering in order to manage the costs, and this often implies that exceptions that are requested by prospective customers that must be limited or even excluded in order to keep the costs down for the consumers” (Jayaswal, 2009).

Essay On the Remote Authentication Protocol

There has been an increase in demand in regards to the provision of expert level medical diagnosis as well as treatment remotely which has attracted a wide interest in the wireless body networks (WBANs). (WBANs) have been instrumental in ensuring that indeed there are vital parameters of aging population and patients with chronic diseases.
In most instances, the WBAN often consists of wearable as well as implanted bio-medical sensors as well as several important portable personal devices. The WBAN in this situation is often used to monitor the health and motion information of people that have different degrees of physical as well as mental disabilities, while the PPD is often employed in order to ensure that there are reliable message delivery between the applications providers and sensors as a physician, medical staff, and the hospital.
It is critical to note that indeed there are several key applications that range from remote health monitoring as well as military fitness that can be able to provide intra-body communication. This often happens between the PPD and WBAN sensors