Essay On Jihad and Terrorism

The terms, Islam, Jihad and terrorism have been used to relate to each other in modern society especially the use of Jihad and terrorism as synonyms. Contrary to this notion Jihad and terrorism are two different concepts and do not interrelate at any given point. It is important for Non-Muslims to understand that terrorism is the complete opposite of Jihad and is not recognized nor accepted in Islam religion. Jihad in Islam is a struggle towards the path of Allah and is under guidance of the Qur’an.

Essay On Case Study Nicholas

Nicholas, is a 74 year old man who lives in his own home in Enoggera as an immigrant from Greece, and worked as a semi-skilled worker all his life. However, he misses his wife Maria, who died of cancer 15 years ago after a very long and difficult struggle. He had three children with his wife; two daughters and a son. Katherine is the eldest daughter, she is married and lives with her husband around the corner from Nicholas. She is currently making an effort to visit his father on a daily basis. His younger daughter, Anna, and his youngest son both live interstate. Of this two, it’s only Anna that he has visited and has contact through phone calls. His two older brothers live in Sunnybank and Cleveland respectively. Occasionally, he takes a taxi to visit his brother who lives in Sunnybank.

Essay On Martial bernal’s “black Athena”

This article defends the work of Martial Bernal against the criticism and accusations brought against him. This article is based on the religions of different cultures and how they relate to each other. Criticism, individualism and at times tribalism are the major dominants among the African tribes. The subject matter of the article on the different approaches to myths and misconceptions relate to the African myths of different tribes. Most African tribes believe in the blessings from the ancestors. Serious criticism cannot be avoided because of Bernal’s lack of methods. He had the tendency of conflicting cultures, language and somatic type. He had an obsession with origins, and had a different approach to myths. In the article “Black Athena”,

Essay On Asperger’s Disorder

Asperger’s refers to the disorder that affects a group of children with the deficit development in both social skills and the behavior but is difficult to classify. It is a mild disorder that is of the category of the autistic disorder. The epidemiology of the Asperger’s disorder has a wide range of value in the current total population of the children. The children between the ages of 7- 16 are the most infected children. The disorder has taken its routes in Goteborg, Sweden where a total of 36/ 10000 are affected with the disorder. Out of the turnout number, scientists have proven that 55/ 10,000 are boys and 15/10,000 is girls. These statistics gave the scientists a feedback that the most affected people of this disorder are the boys.

Essay On Catastrophe of Man, Nature & Climate Change

Author Elizabeth Kolbert was a journalist for the New York Times. Her earlier articles on climate change during her years as an investigative journalist led her to do more research on the controversial and real topic of Global warming. Her book, titled: Field Notes from a catastrophe: Man, Nature and Climate change goes into precise details on her research and experiences on the adverse issues of global warming. The book’s prose contains physio-geographical speak of climate change and its degenerative repercussions from region to region. The theme is fragmented into distinct views of the interaction between man and nature and the existing break-off (Kolbert, 2007).

Essay On 20th Century Design Bauhaus

The Bauhaus also known as the Staatliches Bauhaus was an art school situated in Germany that combined fine arts as well as the crafts. This school was significantly famous for the move towards design which it both taught and publicized[ Crouch, Christopher, Modernism in Art Design and Architecture, (New York: St. Martin’s Press, 2000), p. 63. ]. The Bauhaus school which means ‘building house’ was initially founded by Walter Groupius in 1919 at Weimar. The term Bauhaus means, “house of construction” and was founded with the notion of “total” work of art.