College Research Writing

College research writing is often defined as academic writing. It comprises of writing skills and critical thinking techniques employed to help students in their course work as well as their transition to the work environment. College research writing helps students acquire practical skills in different fields of study. However, it requires a lot of time input, research work, and effort from students who at times fail to understand the requirements of these research papers. The internet offers vast information on different topics which is misleading for college students. Most of them will download content they think is relevant and end up with very low grades.

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Identify relevant information sources
Correct interpretation of information from the sources
Efficient organization of ideas
Use ideal words in explaining your ideas
Proper planning, writing and overall formatting as instructed.

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Essay On Low-cost strategy and Differentiation

The low-cost strategy can be described as a pricing strategy where a company offers a low price to stimulate demand as well as gain market share. It is important to understand that it is often usually employed where the product has few or even no competitive advantage, and where the economies of scale are achievable, and there is the presence of higher production volumes (Jayaswal, 2009). To use the low-cost strategy, a company should be able to have a thorough understanding of costs and how the company can be able to reduce them. “The company should be willing to standardize all its offering in order to manage the costs, and this often implies that exceptions that are requested by prospective customers that must be limited or even excluded in order to keep the costs down for the consumers” (Jayaswal, 2009).

Essay On Public Administration

Controlling illicit drug use has been a persistent policy in the United States, where law enforcement has been the primary orientation in the so- called "war on drugs." The relationship that exists between drug enforcement and crimes has been controversial. Drug enforcement can lead to a disruption of drug markets, leading to an increase in violent crime as drug dealers fight over market share and turf. There are agencies that have been formed all over the world to fight against the usage of illicit drugs in their jurisdiction, for instance, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the United States.

Essay On Russian Revolution

The Russian Revolution was the revolution in the Russian Empire in the year 1917 in which the tsarist regime was overturned and replaced by Bolshevik rule under Lenin. It took place during the month of March to the month of November. In the first revolution that occurred in March, also called the February Revolution, the Russian Empire was forced to dissolve, and a Provisional Government replaced the old regime. In the second revolution, which occurred in the month of October, the provisional government was removed and replaced with a Communist government also known as Bolshevik government.

Essay On Asian Americans Bibliography

Asian people can be defined as the people who generally descend from portions of the population of the continent of Asia. These people may or may not show customs and languages that belong to Asia. American people, on the other hand, can be defined as the people who originate from the United States and who are inhabitants of the United States. Asian Americans, however, is a term that is used to refer to Americans who are of Asian descent, chiefly East Asia.

Essay On Bipolar Disorder

This is a research paper on bipolar mental disorder. The paper contains a review of bipolar mental disorder, that is, the history of the disorder and the issues that relate to the diagnostic criteria of the disorder. The first section of the paper is the Introduction section. This section includes the definition of the bipolar mental disorder and the overview characteristics of the people with the disorder. The second section includes the history of the bipolar mental disorder. The third section on the other hand of this research paper involves the diagnosis of bipolar mental disorder. It includes biological, environmental and psychological causes of bipolar medical disorders. It also includes the signs and symptoms of bipolar mental disorders. The fourth section of the research paper is the conclusion section. The conclusion summarizes the overall ideas in the research paper and gives personal opinions about the findings of the research. The final section is the work cited section, and it involves the articles and books used in the research, their publication years and names of their authors.

Essay on Combating Terrorism

Terrorism continues to be an ugly scar on the face of the earth that no form of reconstructive surgery can as yet repair. The effects of terrorism, both physical and psychological, continue to plague the fabric of our society (Makarychev, Orttung, 2006). However, all is not lost in the fight against global terrorism. It is still possible to lift ourselves out of the abyss in which terrorism continues to hold the world hostage.

Essay On Fast Foods

Fast food are those types of foods are easy to prepare thus can be served within a short time. The foods are also known as junk food and are so popular among young people as most of them are very tasty and do not cost much. However, the ingredients that are used to make fast foods are not nutritious at all. They comprise of high fat meat, sugars and fats, refined grains among others. Many fast foods have a high concentration of sodium and cholesterol compounds, which are unhealthy to the body thus their intake ought to be regulated. The fast food industry has been observed to be one of the fast growing industries in various economies thus it is crucial to ascertain the reason for the tremendous growth, the health risks and the possible solutions.

Essay On Tokyo & Climate Change

Tokyo is an industrial city located in the flood plains of three rivers namely Sumida, Ara and Edo rivers all found in the Kanto region. A large part of Tokyo is located in the below the levels of the rivers thus is greatly by the floods that take place due to the heavy precipitation that occurs during the rainy season. The intensity of the floods is aggravated since Japan is a highly mountainous place thus leading to the increase in water pressure of the rivers flowing in the lowland regions. The human activities in Japan have led to the heat island effects, which is now progressing fast. The strange weather phenomena due to the climate change in Japan are characterized by increased sea levels, heat waves, drought and the melting of glaciers and Arctic ice (C40 CITIES nd.).

Essay On Curriculum Director Interview

1.What is the role of your position in the school?
2.Briefly tell us your educational background
3.What is your professional background in director position?
4.To what extent do you oversee the delivery of the curriculum in the school?
5.What experiences have you had as the current holder of the office?
6.What is your number one priority as the current holder of the office?
7.What personal ethics, values and qualities do you uphold?
8.How do you relate well with the school mission and vision?